My fellow friends.

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    I have had a LONG journey on EMC, been on since April 2nd (day after april fools day, CURSES) and I have had a bumpy and smooth ride. EMC is a great community and I forsee great growth in the population of members and creativity from the Cow and Aikar to help enchance and "Make EMC more attractable". I have/had many friends, some betrayed me, (Cake, King, PT). Some have comforted me from the beginning until this point in time.

    I dont log onto minecraft or sneak a peek at the forums much anyore because of school, soccer, homework, cross country, and band. So, I would just like to make this here thread to let most people know that I won't be leaving for a long time and I hope to see some of you "veterans" stay unbanned and stay on EMC! My only available times that I can stay on and have more free time on EMC are the weekends, whenever most of the members are online.

    Gobstone308 and I have been working on a shop also, it has been a slow process and might have its grand opening sometime next month, probably before the 1.4 update. I have also an upcoming auction for you Level V enchant buyers will love! :D

    Now, I will recognize some of the players that I have been with me from the beginning.

    PandasEatRamen - YES! PANDAS! CHOCALATE! KANSAS! AWH! Haha, I keed, I remember the times whenever I was new to the LLO and I would beg you to come and get me then take me to and fro. I can also recall whenever it was around midnight and we had finally finshed out mining the Slime Team base and we started to build. I remember wheneer we went to the dual blaze grinder on Smp7 and we would chat and take turns grinding and you were over level 100. lol. THanks for being there for me best friend. :)

    NoobOfEpicness - On my first day on EMC, I can recall you being the first person to welcome me to EMC and we have been friends ever since! Through good, and bad.

    Gremlindan - Oh lord, lol! You were also one of my friends from the start, I think I can remember the day you won BeLugh's and Dreamytje's maze contest and I was SOOOOO jealous! I remember whenever you took me to your *blank* (I don't want to ruin the surprise for whoever will come there, teehee) THanks for being their for me Grem.

    LZBZ_DW - Muahaha, blaze. Haha, so many. Haha, we died. lol. (Im hoping you can recall the moment when we had to call ICC about the 800 blazes). Their gonna love the drop party! Can't wait for it to happen! Thanks for everything you have done for me, including the signature. (Ermehgerd I love it!)

    Last but not least,
    Battmeghs -On smp7, you had a shop, it wasn't very attractive, but I loved it anyway! I still have the pm's of those little piggehs! AWHHHH!!! <3 Then the day, I finally claimed a lot on Utopia, and it was next to yours! I was so excited! Thanks for being my epicest friendy friend!

    Now for some other people who haev been nice to me in-game and I loves dem:

    Thanks for being their guys! :)
  2. What's up with panda and kansas?
  3. Check my profile..... :)
  4. I love you too brosipherony :D Those snips weren't boring, I'm just awesomer <3
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  5. I might have to say some few words about you later on tomorrow. Whenever I get home from the soccer game were having. :)
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  6. hmm.. Tacos?
  7. i wasnt on the list??? im offended........ we love you piggeh!
  8. I really didn't know you much of an in game person, we were on different servers. :p
  9. point taken.... i did take you to the octahedron of oblivion (which was square) when you were pretty new though....
  10. The cake is a Lie but Bacon is True! ;)

    Hope to see you around in game when your not too busy in RL :)

    I make sure to rebuild your heart at LLO might make it bigger lol
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  11. I'm honored!
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  12. What about me!?
  13. Thanks for the shoutout!

    I didn't really know you well in game so I wasn't expecting a shoutout though. Stay cool :)
  14. No me:oops: I thought I was loved:(
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  15. Yep. I remeber watching you grow-up. Looks like you are still on those stilts. You are pretty cool :) and thanks for the shoutout.
    Ps. Who is king?
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  16. You mean, when i totally trolled you, that didnt make you love me?:D Awesome thread Piggeh, its great having people with your level of enthusiasm on here!:)
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  17. That was soo funny lol. Your reaction was pressous. :p. No hard feelings! :p
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  18. Hahaha! Aww thank you Piggeh! I just now saw this :( Darn so many threads being posted it didn't show up for me. That was always funny, I'd stop what I was doing and go all the way to get you and bring you back and then after getting there you'd run around then want to go back to town lol. That base thing was fun, too bad someone griefed it :( The blaze grinder was fun. I was just messing to see if there was a max level, when I was like 130 I was like "Ok forget this, I'll just enchant" and got cruddy enchants but still lol. You're very welcome best friend. :)
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  19. Awww, I <3 you too :)
    Wait...I'm not on the list
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  20. King is kingofcraft