My Eulogy to the New Nations Forum Game.

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  1. Why would I be writing this?
    Because the Forum Game I was the GM of for 1 1/2 rounds is dead. It was a truly enjoyable experience of being GM of the New Nations Forum Game, but I don't have the will to bring it back, nor the players to make it happen. Reviving this Forum Game is not possible.
    But that's not the purpose of this writing thing.

    This is an essay about the events of New Nations and the Ideologies.

    There were many ideologies of New Nations. Islam, "Socialism", "Fascism", lots of ideologies that were run by lots of different nations.

    Let's examine Socialism. Socialism in New Nations has grown to encompass the SEU-Brand Ideology (The SEU is a Superpower within New Nations and the leader of a powerful Bloc).

    What is the SEU-brand ideology?
    Well, it can be defined in one word.
    SEU's brand of ideology is heavily inspired by Confucian bureaucracy and Democracy. SEU's ideology stands on three pillars.
    1. The Collective People comes first.
    2. The Collective People are composed of many individuals.
    3. The Collective People can achieve Utopia through the ideal culture.
    It is quite important to note that SEU believes that it should create a Utopia.
    This Utopia is deemed "Communism". SEU does not believe it has yet achieved Communism.
    SEU believes that the culture of Individualism that has been cultivated in many nations is anathema to the future Utopia.
    So, what is the ideal culture SEU desires? A Collectivist Culture, but not just that. A collectivist culture that values merit and community over all else.
    SEU believes that tests and merit are the best way to pick out the Cream of the Crop to stick in positions of power. This is an aspect of Confucian Bureaucracy. This actually allows for the Party to put the best men for the job in the best positions. They are also not incredibly centralized, with Central Leadership telling general things and giving lower people free rein to execute Party Directives as they please.
    However, SEU does also believe that they should be quick to react to change, which they have (tried) to implement by adding some aspects of Democracy; there are restrictions to Candidates and there is only one Political Party, but in theory there is a choice. Within the Socialist Party, the only legal party in the SEU, there are many factions and many different splinters that have different political goals, all of which sponsor their own candidates for elections.
    To talk about the Socialist System, one must talk about the Party. The Party is a Party of Engineers and Professors. They get stuff done, that's their thing, and they do not take crap from people. However, they have a disturbing tendency to view people as numbers. There is plenty of debate in the Party. There is plenty of asking for Public Opinion, and polls done to create an initiative that will benefit as many people as possible. But once a directive is set, there is no turning back. No amount of protesting will stop a Railway from being built if the Party makes a directive.
    So, what is it good at?
    • Helping the People. The Socialist System has industrialized a nation in just 40 years into a fully fledged industrial Society. They have lifted millions out of Poverty. They are one of the most corruption-free nations on Earth. They are pretty dang good. There is no denying that.
    • Foresight. They see things that other societies don't, and they see them coming from a mile away, and they act.
    • Action. The Party is quick on its feet and enormous with its momentum, and it uses this to do what is needed. It does not hesitate. It does what needs to be done, without a moment's regret.
    But the SEU is far from all rainbows and sunshine. Oh heck no.
    • The Socialist Party is brutal, and it has a massive Ego. The new generation of Party officials are nationalistic, and the Party was brutal beforehand. The Party means well, but it is brutal when it believes it has to be.
    • The Socialist Party is rarely wrong, but when it is, it tends to be wrong in a big way.
    • The SEU Government does not tolerate opposition. If there is resistance to its initiatives, it will calmly evaluate the reasons for this and make changes as necessary, making a win-win. If there is resistance to its existence, it will crush the resistance with an iron fist.
    • The Socialist Party, is at its core, a fanatical group of people chasing a goal that may just never come true. They are a Party of Engineers. They are a Party of Professors. But they are a Party of Fanatics.
    It's not a dystopia. Personal freedoms still exist, and the Socialist Party abhors those who would seek to invade the personal lives of everyone. They are Authoritarian, not Totalitarian. The Socialist Party does not seek to be omnipotent. They mean well. They have helped millions. They intend to create a new Golden Age for humanity and a Utopia for all peoples. They really do want that, and they just might be able to achieve it.
    But is it really worth it? Is an Empire of Gold, Equality, and unimaginable splendor for all peoples worth it if the Empire crushes those it does not see as right? Because that Empire is the vision of the Socialist Party. After all, from their perspective, and from their sense of good and bad, they are doing the right thing. They are doing what is morally correct. All of the people that make up the Party have been raised with Collectivist Values. They might seem Alien to you, but is it really that Alien? To them, we are Alien.
    All the Nations in New Nations are trying to do the right thing.
    However, none of them can agree on what the right thing is.
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  2. I agree. :( And the same goes for any of the other RPGs. Maybe if some new members join, though, and they'd be interested... I still have a bit of hope! But if we would get a new RPG forum game, I would prefer one that doesn't require political knowledge to play believably. ;P
  3. I know I wasn't part of the forum game for that long, but yes, it is a shame that most of the original participants did were not around to the end... All good things must come to an end, yeah?