My Dutch Windmill

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  1. I made this Dutch Windmill in a singleplayer world and I wanted your opinions.
    So what do you guys think? 2013-07-15_13.12.11.png


  2. That's absolutely amazing! What texture pack(s) did you use here?
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  3. I used Jolicraft, Sphax PureBDcraft and LB Photo Realism.
  4. It's pretty cool. But how can the sun be so big?:confused: Especially in the first picture.
  5. Probably a mixture between the texture pack and shaders mod. :)
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  6. Is this your own design? or you saw someones/did a tutorial xD? I remember seeing this in a "Lets build!" from a youtuber

    If its your own design. Nice :).
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  7. Well I'm Dutch so I know how they look. And it's my own design. :p But this kind of windmill is really common in the Netherlands.
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  8. I love it! Very cool, the texture pack makes it even more realistic and, well, alive, if you know what I mean. Just a question, is the inside decorated?
  9. No the inside isn't decorated yet. :p
  10. Well, make sure to post some pictures if you ever do decorate the inside!
  11. I will, but I have a question for you. Should I decorate it like a working windmill or decorate it like a home?
  12. I'd say if you're familiar with the looks of a working windmill, go for that! It would really finish the whole feel of the building.
    Also lol at the very non-Dutch hills in the background :p
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  13. Working windmill!:)
  14. 2013-07-15_16.50.22.png 2013-07-15_16.50.38.png 2013-07-15_16.50.54.png 2013-07-15_16.51.17.png 2013-07-15_16.51.27.png 2013-07-15_16.51.58.png 2013-07-15_16.52.17.png

    Here are some update photos from the inside.
  15. What should I build next?
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  16. This is amazing! I remember seeing heaps of these when I was in the Netherlands :p Build a nice little cottage or village next! :D
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  17. The green Zaandam village :D
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  18. Hello! I need your guys opinion.

    I'm adding a couple of bridges to the singleplayer world and I wanted to know what you guys think.

    2013-07-17_20.23.53.png 2013-07-17_20.23.58.png
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  19. You building this in creative or normal mode?