My Apology

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  1. I've failed you all. You may have noticed I'm perm-banned ingame.. Bad choices, lately I haven't felt like the same person I normally am. I have been really edgy lately and I've really thrown myself off the edge of the cliff this time. Ban reason pretty much says it all.. It makes me look like a jerk, and basically I have to admit, I was. I have made many friends since I first came here, and I want you all to know I still care about all of you and we can keep in touch via Skype or PMs, as I hope to still be forum-active. My journey has ran into a wall, hitting some issues in RL and in general being a different person. Yes, it's all gone. I'm thankful to everyone and the EMC staff for giving me the time of my life here, and I appreciate that very much. I wish I could thank everyone I knew, but that's too much. I've really screwed up this time, and once again all I can say is sorry.

    I realize this may look like a goodbye thread, but it's not. I assure you all, I will appeal after I have thought about my actions and figure myself out.

    Lastly, I ask a favor from you all, and that is to not turn this into a giant drama mess. I don't want to end up like some certain people from EMC's history, I wish to deal with this in the most professional manner possible. So please, don't cause drama.

    If you would like a more personal chat, either you can PM me here, or you can leave your Skype below. Please keep in mind, I'm not going to skype a total stranger.. So if you don't know me at all, just PM me.

  2. Dang, at least you know what you did and how it was wrong, and hopefully this thread is meant from the heart. But the bad side of begs to ask, you know the rules, why would you knowingly break them?
  3. :'( Ted sad D:
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  4. Your making me sad now.
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  5. Didn't see this coming. Sad to see you go Haro, for however long it is.

    I feel like now I should say something more. Hows about... first memory, huh? First memory of Haro. The first time I remember us talking was back on Smp1 in 2013, we were discussing Dragon Eggs. I believe you asked me if we wanted to pitch in to buy one together, but decided against it after some discussion :p Gosh, that feels like so long ago. Wow, remember when we talked about our braces and my retainer! :p I remember when I think it was my retainer broke, one of the bars on the right clip snapped off and I thought my orthodontist was going to kill me. Turns out he didn't! Since then, I managed to completely break the left clip off, but the half broken right clip is still going strong. If that right clip brakes off, my orthodontist really will have a go at me.... anyways, yeah, that's what I remember first :)

    Stay safe, and as I like to say... Happy hunting! I shall await your return.
  6. I respect you for being honest.
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  7. Aww. Remember when you, fdny, and I destroyed the ore buster economy? Good times. I am sorry that happened, haro. I will remember you, old friend.
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  8. I hope your appeal goes well and you can join us back on the Empire.
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  9. Appealing is going to be tough. I'm talking to the team right now, it's not a community violation and thus not that easy. It's a legal TOS violation, so it's kind of a lot harder and involves Aikar.

    I'm going to obviously try to get back on the Empire, I will never be the same person, but I will try guys.
  10. I remember that at one moment we were becoming friends. But you changed in a certain way. Hope you get back, so we can become friends :D.
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  11. Haro, you can always be the same person by not always the same you.
  12. #WordsofHaroWisdom
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  13. NO HARO D:

    :( I hope you can come back.
  14. Alright, so Aikar had made his decision. I cannot play on any account until I take a break and get back to who I was. I respect his decision and yeah.. I'll be back; someday.
  15. Lol G-Man.
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  16. Nooo, I am so sorry to here you go, but at least you made your apology a very professional manner
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  17. Sad to see this happen. I hope you find your self and who you really are. Good luck, hope to see you back on day :)
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  18. I will miss you. :( Hope to see you back soon though.
  19. I guess this is good buy for now, stay intouch Skype; emcwolffpack58
  20. :(. Well with this ban, ore busters are now worth 1000000000000r. GG, haro