My apology to the Empire

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by InfamousCory, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. So today, I suggested the random box at the bottom of the main page be removed, because it was really kind of pointless.

    This lead to Aikar breaking the site, and everyone else noticing it and getting some OCD overload.

    My bad.
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  2. You monster!
  3. It's okay. :)

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  4. I kinda like it.
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  5. *facepalm* its ugly not broken
  6. ayyy lmao
  7. Please note, it's not OCD.

    You just like stuff done right.
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  8. yea, OCD is a serious mental disorder, not a feeling
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  9. I liked it better when you said shit.

    Sounded a lot more badass.
  10. Trying to stay relatively nice-wordy. :p
  11. lol, is it fixed now? I fixed it ages ago... but im guessing there is a cache?
    I restarted server to clear cache.
  12. not fixed bro xD
  13. try now... ifound out theres 2 places to configure, apparently I see one of the configs and players see the other ~.~
  14. Keep trying. :p
  15. Still broken for me.
  16. ye still broken
  17. isnt that rather rude DJ? my best friend suffers from OCD and it makes him feel horrible, its not a light subject or a joke, and it isnt funny when people with OCD have OCD attacks
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  19. because its a mental disorder like mine, that destroys peoples lives
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