My account was hacked..

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  1. So apparently this morning, my account was hacked...I was "on" a different server though. I was said to be running around in a different server lobby typing, "LEMMIE ACTUALLY GET ONLINE" and said to be on mine chat...I was confused because you can't move around on mine chat..

    Well I just changed my password so hopefully the hacker is on my account again.

    Just letting you know that incase I do anything weird or type in caps and spam you guys....that was scary!


    edited by crystaldragon13 to remove the name of the other server as it's been brought to our attention that you were inadvertently advertising another server.
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  2. Make sure this "hacker" doesn't have access to your email, either. You may want to change your email password as well. It's unlikely that someone is going to steal your account, but just to be safe, I'd do that! :)
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  3. Sorry to hear what happened and hopefully this all turns out good but in any case, like how I quoted you and changed 1 part; other server names shouldn't be mentioned anywhere in EMC. Especially the forums (unless it's Uhc day on chins place).
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  4. Eech, sorry to hear that. After hearing so many stories about hacked accounts on the minecraft subreddit, ive been changing MC/Email passwords every few months. Its probably just me being a bit paranoid but eh, some extra safety can never hurt. It'd probably be good for ye people to occasionally change passwords as well.
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  5. JParsonsX, and anyone else who may read this thread, this is something you really should report to staff before something happens on emc that could get you a ban or just in trouble in general. Giving very detailed info to the Krysyy and/or senior staff would be a good place to start.

    Good luck and I do hope you've got control of all your accounts now.
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  6. Now, I liked your post Gamer, I mean JP, but that obviously doesn't mean I liked what happened. Thanks for warning us though, but as Crystal said up there: first inform the staff, because if your attacker did cause some ruckus on the Empire (I checked my logs and I noticed that you connected to the Empire yesterday, on Utopia) then it's really important for them to know.

    But there's also something else to keep in mind: on multiplayer servers (such as the Empire and 'others') it can sometimes happen that the server seems determined that you're already logged onto another one. On EMC this often manifests itself in it telling you that you can't go to SMPx because you're already logged on (or something close enough).

    Although that might be confusing it does not mean your account got hacked. It's merely a glitch happening on the server, and not so much your Minecraft client or your account. My experience only lies with EMC, but if it can happen on EMC it can happen elsewhere too.

    Rule of thumb: If you're connected to a server and a hacker who took over your account logs onto the same server then you'll notice this because you'll be kicked off. Usually with an error stating something like:

    This happened to me when the evil GripCEO took over my account :eek:

    In other words: when I try to log on using my ALT GripCEO but instead I forgot to change accounts in the Minecraft launcher then this is what I get to see. It looks as if I logged on perfectly, but when I look at my other screen I've been kicked off because obviously you can only be online once ;)

    Hope this can help too!

    And yeah: changing your password every once in a while is always a good idea. A very good random password generator which I'd like to recommend is PWGen, it's even available for Windows. It doesn't only generate random passwords, but also tries to make them a little bit easy to remember.
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  7. then why did u change the password to make it harder for him/her?
  8. it always says to me "you cant be in two servers at once" im like m8 are u taking a piss (ksi) XD