My 9/11 memorial project.

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  1. Back in April of this year I started playing around on MS paint. I ended up building a 9/11 memorial park. I knew that a 60x60 plot wouldn't do. I worked a little extra at a side job, set aside enough money to become a Gold supporter for a year and claimed an Utopian residence. After awhile I knew that the mass amoutns of resources I needed would take another year to mine. I began buying up stacks of lapis, sand, and circle stone. I was running out of rupees quick. I don't beg for materials well, so I felt my only option was to go Diamond. So I worked a little more.

    I am no where near completion. The exoskeletons are almost complete. I keep reworking the interiors but I am making progress. Feel free to see it at any time AT Utopia res 5210.

    This memorial is real to me. I'm putting real money into making it a reality. I will reluctantly watch 9/11 documentaries today sadden by my memories of that day. I will never forget. Thank you.

  2. Wow, nice work Vivid! This is amazing and I admire your dedication. I've donated 10k. :)
  3. Thanks Alex. I'm not asking for donations (I won't turn them down either ;)). The reason being is. After this build is complete, I plan to give away all of the leftovers, and my rupees away with small contest to advertise this build. Also to give recognition to the people that died that day.
  4. It's the least I could give for your dedication and handwork :)
  5. woe very nice vivid i like iT!
  6. This, is awesome! I hope you will finish it soon!
  7. Just bought 10k in circle stone :D
  8. I just took myself on a tour of your project.......WOW.......Amazing :)

    I thoroughly recommend a look. You'll be glad you did!

    ps. I always wanted to tell you that I love your profile picture. Very cute ;)
  9. This is amazing, vivid. How long do you think it will take you from start to finish?
  10. I checked it out, it's awesome. How long did it take you
  11. looks awesome! Short on anything other than time?
  12. I started mining in April. I began building in August (I think). As far as "finished" Maybe two months or more. I can really only work on it after the family has gone to bed, on my first day off of work, or at work late night.
    My wife and a guy I work with will help me with some parts of it later on, when that time comes.

    I don't mind buying the items at the moment.
    I'm hirering sheep sheerers for white wool. Each ceiling takes 25 stacks of white wool. x32'ish floors.
    I'm patiently trying to win a double chest of glow stone.
    Each floor takes 8 gold blocks. I'm running low.
    I'm buying circle stone as needed to prevent over buying. A stack cost 1440r.
    I'll edit this as I think of it.

    This is what the floor looks like.
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  13. Do you need something i can maybe get it?;)
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  14. looks awesome...oh now i remember you had a sheep farm on your utopia res too...glowstone i might be able to help with at least somewhat...
  15. This is so sad D:
    See EMC'ers care about 9/11
  16. although i am working on a big project of my own i would like to offer you help, i will mine smooth stone in masses for you (i have a very very efficient stone gen) if you would like, and i would be happy to help you place if you want help.
    I think its great what your doing so this is the least i can offer,
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  17. How do you get Circle stone?
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  18. from /shop
    or SMP1 /v 1783
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  19. at the empire shop,

    Awesome i have come look at after my 9pm class :/ anyways Awesome Job
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  20. Thank you for your offer, however I had originaly messed up on my math when figuring out how much stone I needed. I mined 11 times more than I needed. But thank you none the less.
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