(Hiring) Sheep shearers

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  1. New Bonus! Fill a double chest and receive 1000 rupees!

    bonus does not apply to incomplete double chest.

    This is what the wool is for.

    Everything is provided. Just show up and sheer.
    15 r a stack
    Over 10,000 rupees can be earned on this job.
    If your not interested tell someone that may be.

    By the numbers:
    I need 60516 pieces of white wool.
    or 946 stacks

    I need 17280 pieces of black wool.
    or 270 stacks
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  2. I can help, or you can go to 911 on smp1 and but all you need or shear sheep yourself. But tell me what you need left over, if you buy from 911. And i will try to get some wool for you
  3. I have the sheep. Both colors. What I'm lacking is time.

    Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

    Utopia lot 5210. I can give you permissions if you'd like. I would also need to know how many double chest you think you would fill (for access reasons).
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  4. Just set up 1 chest and i can work from there. And I will not be on anytime soon but in a couple of hours i will come over and help! :)
  5. Thanks Boss :). It will be awhile before I can give you access anyhow.
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  6. Thats ok, as i said I will not be on for a while. :)
  7. A friendly bump for the evening crowd.
    More than one person can work.
    Filling one double chest is a quick way to make 540 rupees.
  8. I earned lots of rupees during my two day work at this job.
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  9. Great! Just let me know how many chest you would like to fill.
  10. let me start with one white then i will get back to u
    edit: can i do black instead
  11. I have both types of sheep on my res. You may sheer either type as long as the chest is all one color.
    I will supply you with shears.
    Utopia res 5210. Give me about 30 min to get to a pc.
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  12. ok im sitting at the res now just watching videos just post here wen ur rdy and i cant find the black area so yea lol...
  13. Ill be on in a little, sorry for the delay.
  14. perms are set. I have a sign by the hole where the black sheep are. If you need more black sheep, let me know.
  15. Perms are set. I'm just now getting on :)
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  16. I can't find it...

    EDIT: Nevermind, i found it.
  17. If you notice anyone begging for rupees please direct them to this post.
  18. Hold on a second. Does the "a double chest must be filled each day" rule sill apply?
  19. I will Help with a double chest of black. :)