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  1. Ok, i just want to talk a minute and talk about how much music has changed in the past century.
    I'm a fan of ye olden days, when it took TALENT to be great, nowadays when i turn on my radio all i hear is songs about sex or relationships in a whiny tone with obvious auto-tune. Thank god old music still lives on my ipod. Take a minute and explain what kind of music you like and why. There are no wrong answers! :)

    Happy Mining!!!!
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  2. Old music is a snorefest :p Pop music is definitely a favourite of mine. Also, you should try varying what you listen to in new music. There are many artists who don't sing about "sex or relationships in a whiny tone".

    And by the way, it takes talent to become a successful artist still. Just 'back then' the type of music that was wanted has changed to what it is now.
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  3. I actually like both. I love some of the classics (broad term)such as Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, The Eagles, Dave Matthews Band, just to name a few (I'm not as old as I seem). However I also love some newer music too such as Lana Del Rey, M83, Sigur Ros, The 1975, Phoenix, Phantogram, etc lol. My list could go on forever. The point is, my musical taste is all over the place. I do understand what you mean about the auto-tuned crap though and I try to avoid that sort of unoriginal music. Generally I just enjoy music that makes me feel happy or some other emotional connection to it.
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  4. Lana Del Rey though. Like omfg, she is awesome *.*
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  5. I could tell you what I learned in my music appreciation class...
  6. c418. Ya hear what I'm saying?
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  7. Where is classical on this list?
  8. Although I agree with you in some ways I do think you need to be careful with making it sound as if things have become much easier. Trust me: sometimes things look easy but they are in fact still pretty hard!

    You may notice this comment hit a little bit of a nerve with me, because I've also been on the receiving end of such comments from time to time. I'm an audio freak, and I specialize in synthetic sounds. In other words: synthesizers. There are roughly 2 main brands: analog and digial, and I completely dove into the digital part, the so called "soft synths" in specific (= using your computer as a synthesizer).

    I consider myself to be a semi-professional audio engineer. I sometimes (seldom) even get hired by people to work some things out for them (happened more in the past) which varied from helping to master a piece of music (mastering = making things sounds better and fuller) and I've also done a lot on sound design. So actually creating a specific sound or effect which could then be used with something else.

    Here's the thing: with electronic music an often heard comment is that it's "easy". DJ's (can you even call them that?) simply stand on a podium, a relatively simple (repetitive!) music is heard and often the "DJ" just presses a dozen of random buttons which then produce audio effects. Any idiot can do that, right?

    But please keep in mind that a lot of those sound effects weren't "simply" made or downloaded. Sometimes you can spend weeks on creating & tuning an effect. And yes: it sounds all too easy when I click a button and you hear an "easy" sound. But that doesn't make it easy! People often have no idea about the massive work and many hours which went into that!

    A nice example (IMO):

    The video clip (animation) looks very simple (esp. with the technology we have today), and do you hear how 'easy' that guitar effect on the keyboard sounds? That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about...

    But as always with these things.... I also agree with you.

    I think it's a very strange (and bad) development that female singers are now mostly judged by their looks instead of their singing capabilities. Apparently you get more popular depending on how much you undress these days, and I think that's plain out stupid.

    A good singer is capable of walking up to a stage, standing behind the microphone and then sing to get an audience quiet. It doesn't matter how they look, they could even wear an highly old fashioned sun dress for all I care, as long as they can actually sing.

    This is actually why I came to enjoy and respect Japanese music so much. Sure, the "modern" influence has also hit Japan a bit but Japanese music isn't exactly mainstream. Automatically resulting in many Japanese female artists who actually ARE quite capable of performing while keeping their clothes on.

    As always just my 2 cents here :)
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  9. I like how until today this thread was just over a year old. Also Shell, your video from youtube is unavailable.

    As for music since this thread has been re-woken. I will simply say that I'm a fan of all genres, just not every song.
  10. I usually don't like music with lyrics too much, although I don't mind speech samples being used where it fits.
    There is some pop music I enjoy, though, but I wouldn't usually listening to it.
    Most of my favourite genres in music are in video game music.
    There's quite a diversity within video game soundtracks, though, and I could never choose between styles as there's so much very different stuff.
    As this is in the Jukebox section, though, I should probably illustrate what I usually like to compose myself.
    Lately, I've been focusing heavily (composition-wise, that is) on the YM2149F sound chip, used in the Atari ST. It's a modified version of the AY-3-8910, used in for example the Amstrad CPC and the ZX Spectrum.
    First I found a note-based software, with quite some nice samples coming with it.

    I would also like to be able to create my own instruments, though, instead of using samples. So I looked up a tracker, and found a very good one. With it I created the following tune.

    I have been composing another tune since, but ran into some problems with the samples in it.
    For the melodies and chords I'm using self-configured instruments now, but for drums using samples is usually better. I hope I'll be able to figure it out myself or get some help elsewhere.

    In each case, I think all of this does show that a big part of my preference for music lies in '80's and '90's chip tunes!

    It's also what I've been covering on piano lately.
  11. If I read through the music styles of the music I have got onj my Pc I read: Jazz, soul, R&B, world, musical, vocal, pop, rock, triphop and Funkjazz, (about 50% is jazz, though) and I do really understand your (the OP) point about modern music, for me modern music sounds really "dertien in een dozijn" just too much of the same. I do also think people don't really listen to music annymore, I mean, the chorches are always the same, the bass is really easy, and someone sings with autotune basicly. better said: I miss the craetivity, the Idea from Erykah Badu to make a drum with a asymetical figure in it so that there is a bassrdum before and after the first tell. or the idea from Melody Gardot to sign with the saxephone doing the smae keys but than with just a little different timing, I have never seen such creative ideas in modern music...
  12. I think less innovative, more main-stream music simply gets more popular because you don't have to know a lot about music and other sciences to understand it.