[Music] Anyone else on here a musician?

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  1. Like the title says.

    I myself am a freshman flute player, and my high school's marching band (of which I am a member) took first place in our group's state competition.

    My group, for those of you also in marching band, is group 4O (Four Open)

    Please, let me know what instrument(s) you play, and whether or not you participate in any sort of marching band, concert band, ensemble, orchestra, etc.

    If you are in a marching band, please also include what state you're from and the group you compete in.

    The following is the video of our marching band at the National Competition. We performed, as you can see, in MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets/Giants. That is a marching band field, not a football field. :p

    No, VOICE is NOT an instrument.
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  2. I am a percussionist. Mostly stick to the set though. I'm solo right now. Never actually performed.
  3. Are you self-taught? Try joining your school's band/jazz band or marching band, there is a drum"set" for marching band
  4. No, I go to lesson at a small store. Our school doesn't have those things...
  5. Is the store by any chance called Music & Arts? And that stinks that your school doesn't have those things, what grade are you in?
  6. I am percussion as well-concert band
  7. I play alto saxophone in my schools band. We used to march in some local parades but we don't anymore. ):
  8. Awesome. So cool to see so many people I know, but never knew played instruments. Pat, if you watch the video, there is an epic Sax Soli towards the beginning, right after it gets fast.
  9. The Store is the Academy of the Percussive Arts. I'm in 6th grade.
  10. Lol, I'm in 6th grade concert band myself :p
  11. I've been playing trombone for 7 years now :D I'm playing in a school band ..
  12. This is so cool, seeing all of our instrumentalist musicians!!! TheSkidz, are you in a marching band?
  13. I play guitar.. And some piano..
    Do those count? :p
  14. I play a mad cowbell! (search SNL cowbell)
  15. Yes, JC, those count. Piano in Marching Band=Pit, as does guitar.
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  16. I'm playing piano for a long time, but never been on lessons or what.
    Just playing for fun.
  17. No..
  18. I play piano, violin (might be switching to viola), clarinet, and guitar. I'm in band and orchestra at my school.
    Yes, I'm in marching band.
  19. Trumpet FTW!
  20. What state/group are you?