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  4. Museum Update #25 - The Presidential Update

    New Items Added
    • Friendship Blossom added
    • Love Blossom added
    • Happiness Blossom added
    • Presidential Pen added
  5. Museum Update #26 - The Pride Update

    This is a small and temporary update, but it is an important one to me.

    Part 1 - Pride Month Celebration
    • Pride flags added in Museum lobbies
    • Floor colors on res 16500 changed to represent the bisexual flag
    Part 2 - New Items
    • Added 2019 New Year Aikar Head
      • Combined all New Year Aikar Heads into one item stand
    • Added 2019 New Year Krysyy Head
    • Added Carrot Cake Topper
  6. Museum Update #27 - Time for 2020

    Part 1 - New Item Stands

    The old item stands have been in place since the opening of 16500, but it was time for an upgrade! The new model not only is more stylish but also is far more horizontally compact, allowing me to neaten up the floors of the museum and make room for further items.

    These stands do, however, bring an important change in how you view 16500's displays. 16500 now makes use of the chest previewing flag; when entering the museum, do /tpreview so that it says [ENABLED] in your chat. You will then be able to right click chests in order to see their contents on 16500's residences. You can still read a description of the items by clicking the button on the base of the stand. This system is prettier, cheaper, more compact, and all around the best for the museum.

    (Reminders on /tpreview have been added to each floor.)

    Part 2 - New Items
    • Added Wilderness items
      • Added full set of Steel Armor
      • Added Vindication
      • Added Weak Venom and Venom (as well as extended variant of Venom)
      • Completed Witch's Gems set and Fiery Food set
      • Added mob heads (see Part 3 for details)
    • Added several promos from 2019-2020
      • Added Freedom Flag, Frankensteed, 2019 Remembrance Poppy, Turkey Trotters, A Visit from St. Nicholas, Evergreen Sapling, Cupid, and Nutcracker to 2019 Promo Items floor
      • Added 2020 Empire Firework to new 2020 Promo Items floor
      Added Voters Pride: 500
    • Added a few event items
      • Added Helm of Anaetiem
      • Added Elf Hat and Santa Hat
    Part 3 - Minor Changes
    • Moved 60K items to 2013 Promotional Items floor
    • Moved Holiday Axe to 2017 Promotional Items floor
    • Combined Voters Items and Functional/Token Items into a single floor
    • Overhauled the Wilderness Drops/Items floor
      • Each item (with the exception of holiday wild drops) is now separated by the type of Enraged/Boss mob that drops it, with the display including a copy of that mob's head
      • These stands will be updated in the future with a blurb on the custom mob in question (equivalent to the current bits of info available for each item)
      • All mob heads not displayed with their appropriate items are currently on display in their own stand in a chest like any other item; hoppers are available for donations of further heads
    • Added information on the front welcome board, res message, and on each floor about /tpreview
    • Shortened teleports in the Annex for aesthetic purposes
    • Updated item buying list, donation list, and temporarily the museum figure in main post
    Part 4 - Cinnabun Time!

    Looking for a tasty snack? Stop no further than 16500's new cinnamon roll shack! While the old gift shop is still closed, we want our guests to be able to browse with full bellies, so the Bun Hut has opened on the West side of the lobby. Current flavors available for purchase are Original, Blueberry, and Banana. Get 'em while they're hot!

    Many thanks to FadedMartian for donating the Remote Shop Signs used for the Bun Hut.

  7. Just wanted to state that Hash's Museum is coolest promo museum on EMC. Not only is it the coolest physical museum on EMC, I think it's awesome that he finds time to put as much effort in updating and changing the museum, even as a Senior Staff member. :)

    looking forward to visiting again, sometime!
  8. Finally made it in today. New design is really slick for certain. Especially love the SV2 section with the mob heads displayed by the drops. Gives it a great look! and bought some snacks too :)
  9. Museum Update #27 - 2022, Electric Boogaloo

    Well, it's been a year and a half since this museum saw an update... needless to say, we have some new wares to display!

    Part 1 - New Items
    • Added all Promos from July 2020 to January 2022
      • Notable addition: Pig version of the Easter Bunny Egg,
    • Added several event items
      • Added Voter's Block (FINALLY!)
      • Added Orange Krysyyjane Head
      • Added more New Years Heads (Krysyy's 2020 and Aikar's 2021)
      • Added Holly Jolly
      • Added Aikar's Scuba Hat
    • Added new Voucher/Misc. items
      • Added Supporter Thank You note
    • Added new mob drop/wild items
      • Added Weak Venom (Extended)
      • Added Strong Venoms (Regular and Extended)
    • Added new Weird Item to Museum Office
      • Added firework with NBT data
    Part 2 - Floor Shifts

    • We are at too many promos! As such, I have returned to organizing promo items by month rather than by year. This means that different versions of the same item (e.g. the Empire Firework) are now all on display in one chest. Each set of months is roughly ordered first in order of the month (e.g. Veterans Day before Thanksgiving) and then in chronological order of release within each holiday. The new floors are:
      • Holiday Promos (January - June): New Years, Valentine's, Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, etc.
      • Holiday Promos (July): All Independence Day promos
      • Holiday Promos (August - October): Labor Day and Halloween promos
      • Holiday Promos (November): Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving promos
      • Holiday Promos (December): Winter, Yule, and Christmas promos
      • 60k, 100k, and 500k Member Promos: The three sets of 8 items apiece that celebrate our member milestones
      • Birthdays and Misc. Promos: Promos celebrating EMC's birthday and misc. promos like the Lucky Bow
    • Split the Purchasable/Voucher Items and Voting Reward Items back into two floors
    Part 3 - Other Minor Changes

    • The event items floor has been put into roughly (not completely) chronological order and split into a lower and upper level to emphasize diversity of items.
    • Some small item movements:
      • Holiday Message moved to Purchasable Items floor.
      • Book of Colors moved to Birthday/Misc. Promos floor.
      • Freedom Blade (DO NOT CLAIM variant) moved to same display as other Freedom Blades.
    • Trapped chests changed to regular chests.
    • Messages actually added (and largely standardized) for all items, which was a HUGE project.
    • Labels added to mob heads on Wilderness Items floor.
    • Texture-less blocks display in office altered to just display Petrified Oak Slab (textures were fixed).
    Last but not least... a MASSIVE thank you to our donors this past year!

    Weak Venom (Extended) | Strong Venom | Strong Venom (Extended)

    Voter's Blocks (Diamond and Emerald)| Supporter Thank You Note | Firework (no nbt data)

    Orange Krysyyjane Head | 2020 New Year Krysyy Head | Aikar's Head - 2021 New Year! | Holly Jolly| Aikar's Scuba Hat

    This museum's display would not be possible without these and other amazing donors!
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  10. As always awesome updates, just an FYI, you don't have the 'preview sign on the petrified oak slab chest in your office o/
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  11. Hmm, I never knew this museum was here:oops: Quickly rethinks idea to make a museum on SMP1

    Awesome collection as well!

    The only museum I'm missing in your list is Faithcasters museum on SMP1, residence 1011!

    But you can open it with the /tpreview on :D
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  12. Isnt Faith's museum empty now?

    And I did know about the tpreview, but the other chests have preview.... I'm just loco about maintaining continuity :D
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  13. I'm quite sure it's still operational. I was there not so long ago.

    Or was I just blind? hmmm, i'm gonna check again when I'm online haha
  14. Huh, it actually does have items, just checked. Been so long, I dont recall why I thought the items were removed...
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