MSPAINT Masterworks! (contest! :D)

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What was the first version of Windows you used?

I've never used Windows. 1 vote(s) 4.5%
A version before Windows 95. 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Windows 95/98. 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Windows ME. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Windows Vista. 2 vote(s) 9.1%
Windows XP. 5 vote(s) 22.7%
Windows 7. 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Windows 8/8.1. 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Windows 10. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
A version after Windows 10 (perhaps this will be possible later). 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    So, this thread may be a bit goofy, but I was playing around with Paint (the Windows 95/98 version :cool:), and got great memories to trying to create art with it as a kid.
    So, I created something again...

    But I'm sure you can do better :p
    So, this is just for fun, but also a bit of a contest: the five works of art I like most (it's not a problem if you don't have any idea what you're doing, I might just like it) will receive 1000 rupees and 10 CP (comparable to EMC tokens, but for my YouTube channel:
    If for some reason, you don't have the version of Paint I desire, download it here: trust me, the link is save, I uploaded the file straight from my computer to Google Drive. I'm not sure if it'll work on OSX or Linux, just try.
    Any other version of Paint is not allowed! ;)
    I'm not sure how long this will be open, I guess it depends on how quickly we get 5 entries. If we don't get more than five in a long time, I'll just reward every accepted entry ;)
    Have fun!
  2. That art looks awesome! :)
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  3. Wouldn't you try something too? ;)
    You're pretty much guaranteed to win at this point :p
  4. without doubt will join later on with one of my masterpieces :D cool thread tho !
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  5. I hope i can upload 2 (didnt see if i was allowed or not lol) but these ones I made while derping around with friends :p

    *this one is a attempt at copying the Illuminati Pepe drawing*
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  6. Looking nice, but honestly, the point of the challenge was using the original MSPAINT instead of the Windows 7 version ;)
  7. lol rip sorreh :oops:
  8. This was actually created in the Paint version I specified, right? :)
  9. It has been a long time since you posted this thread, but I still remember my first computer (A 80286 with 1MB of RAM and 40MB of hard disk) and the Windows 3.0 "Paintbrush" application... We had a lot of fun together for sure :D

    Here's what I did with that MSPaint:

    "What am I going to do with such a sucky drawing software?"

    It is a mean tool, designed to inflict pain to its users. I guess the original name was actually "MSPain", but they changed it to not scare too many users... :D
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  10. Ah, thanks! Finally, an entry that doesn't need to be disqualified :p It looks great, too! I like it a lot!
    1000 rupees have been sent your way and 10 CP has been awarded :)