Mrlegitislegits AMA (Ask me anything)

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  1. Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, Icecreamcows, I am, as you all know, your grateful leader, Mrlegitislegit, and I am doing a AMA. Please ask me real questions, and what I mean by that is not questions like, do you like trains, even though I very much enjoy trains, Lets see how many questions I get. :)
  2. What's your real name?
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  3. Do you like trains?
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  4. Carson

    Very much.
  5. How legit are you on a 1-10 scale
  6. 9001
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  7. Well played
    Do you enjoy my memes? (It's a yes or yes question)
  8. Happeh.jpg
  9. Will you answer every question?
  10. How does it feel to be on Mars? (Since your profile info says that is where you live)


    Did you ever find out what her IGN is?
  11. Follow up on that question. When did you say that and where?
  12. As long as its not repeated, pretty much. :)

    Well, I moved from Mars, and now live in the winter wasteland known as Canada. :p

    For her, I MIGHT have, but she was on for a few days, and as seemed to left the server. :(
  13. He said that on July 27 on this thread.
  14. More of this is in a even older thread, but if you happen to find it, DONT BUMP IT.
  15. Alright. Question number one: What's your social security number, fingerprint, etc. Jk :D
    Love's complicated bro.
    How WAS Mars?
  16. It was kind of cold and airless, luckily the Canadian space program gave me a thing that recycles air, so I would never run out.
  17. I remember that thread. I just didn't quote it since the other post was easier to find.