Confessions of Me

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  1. So, EMC, we've known each other for a while, and I think I may as well do it. What time is it?

    First confession, as these will go from most important to least.
    1. I've never really had a 22 year-old brother. Just me and my immature 15 year-old brother who got his own account.

    2. I am in the midst of writing a book, only known to Green_Mystery and possibly hayleycolgan. This is important because I want to know if you guys want me to release the first chapter.

    3. Not really important but I'm running out of things to say. Throughout my time on EMC I have had a schoolboy crush on Hayley. Yeah, I admit it, but who doesn't?

    4. I was once a person who walked around saying "wut do u mean" and, "can i plz have some rupees yuor a diamond supporter"

    5. I take pride in myself for having 10 followers without even saying "Follow me!"

    6. I do have thoughts quite often about leaving EMC. Hopefully, I do not.

    7. I will never be Diamond, Gold, or Iron supporter. Unless I win a contest. I don't make enough money. And yes, I have a job at 12. Not a big one. Plus, my father won't let me.

    8. In real life, I have ADHD, Growth Hormone Deficiency (meaning I'm short), have OCD (yes, legitimate), my finger was sprained and we didn't know, so it was left untreated, and I'm ambidextrous

    9. Like Max, when something must be clean it MUST be sparkling. I've once spent 4 hours cleaning something.

    10.Like Bob, I don't play EMC, or Minecraft as much anymore.

    11. Also, like Max, I need to see punctuation and the capital letter at the start of a sentence.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  2. You put it inside the quote.... xD
  3. Man! My confession time!

    1. I had a "little" crush on..on..on... Man!

    2. I always wanted to grief a building, but I griefed my own creations.

    3. I DONT have skype

    4. I cancalled my dia. supporter!

    No.1 is going to be released soon...
  4. You can PM me. NO worries. I'm glad someone noticed this thread.
  5. Just a tip. You may want to let this fall before hayley sees this and calls you a pedo.
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  6. I dont think so! Its the truth...
  7. I wouldn't say pedo, as I'm 12, and, I quote, "a schoolboy crush."And I was talking to Creepa :p I was telling him he could PM me, as I've had several crushes, IRL.
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  8. I'll PM you of who I like...
  9. InigoMontoya-ThatWord-WhatYouThinkItMeans.jpeg
  10. lol :)
    I also got one:
    1. I burned my finger yesturday badly so now I cant write on a keyboard with two hands :(
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  11. Currently adding more.
  12. Hmm.... Not really anything to confess about myself.... Im sorta an open box. :p
  13. Aw, I quoted not edited!
  14. Times are tough buddy. :(
  15. Times in the EMC world are tough, as I can't quote anymore :3
  16. A mod should move this to Community Auctions so yankees518 can't edit his OP... :D
  17. Pffft. That would be stoopid.
  18. well so as not to spam bobert has a few confessions:
    1. i hated typing in the 3rd person there.
    2. i only have 3 gas masks, i just fluff by saying 3 civilian gas masks to make it sound like i have more.
    3. i actually dont play minecraft (EMC specifically) that much anymore.
    4. i usually watch videos on youtube.
    5. i have OCD. legitimately.
    6. im secretly a grammar nazi and loath anyone who uses improper language. this is a reason why i usually strongly dislike little kids who play video games and type on the internet in all caps.
    7. i dont have many confessions.
  19. 1. I build my big stuff in Creative :eek:
    2. The girl I like plays on EMC, but I have no idea what her IGN is. :(
    3. I think dubstep sounds like putting a cat in a blender...
    4. If I had to die to make one band get together again, and bring all dead members back from the dead, it would be The Beatles.