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  1. Thinking of making a move to Smp 2 from 7 any thoughts?
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  2. im from smp4 but i really like smp2 too. its a nice server, has nice ppl playing and usually every1 is willing 2 help u if u have probs. if u like fishing then going to /park is fun too!

    ofc smp4 is better ^.^ we have the richest player on the empire (i think), some really devoted ppl, even a contrib! (hi Blinky!!) and a really diverse wasteland ^.^
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  3. cheers for the advice i havent made my mind up yet
  4. Aya, there's Contribs on all servers, me being on SMP9 :p I thought that the richest player was on SMP9, too, but that shouldn't determine what server you play on... (I would quote your post but it isn't working for me on Chrome)

    SMP7 is a nice server just like SMP2 is. If I were to live on either, I'd live on 2, but there's nice people and nice places on the both of them, just like any other server. You probably won't get a straight up answer telling you what's better, at the end of the day, it's down to your personal taste. Go where you like, or even live on both! I spend my time mostly between SMP6 and SMP9, both are great, but I visit most of the others from time-to-time too!
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  5. I strongly recommend smp4. #smp4rules
  6. I'm with FDNY up there; the best way to decide is to hang around for a while and really taste the atmosphere. The good time for that would be in the afternoon and evening (EMC time) because then most people will be active, but the best time for this is when you normally play yourself. That way you really get the right impressions and can decide if the server is really right for you.

    Problem is that everyone will be biased, even me. SMP2 is my home server and I really enjoy myself there. So obviously I'd welcome the option to see a new player appear, but yeah...

    Some key points which I can come up with about SMP2... We have a nice variety of shops and more importantly: some shops will also buy stuff from you. So if you like mining then there are ways to get a nice profit without building your own shop (but I'm pretty sure the same applies to SMP7!).

    The majority of returning players are veterans but I use the term loosely. Most players I know (who I consider to be SMP2 vets) have been here much longer than I have (I've been on EMC for approx. 1.25 years) but... I also know of some players who aren't that much older than I am yet are still noticeably present.

    The reason I mention this is because in general SMP2 does its own moderating, but in a mature way. I'm not saying we don't have any incidents at all, but in general the server somewhat regulates itself. Sure; there are times when I don't care for town chat, but generally speaking I'm usually enjoy myself there.

    Of course we have one thing which no other server has and yeah... It'll rock your Minecraft: SMP2 is home of none other than <drumroll please>.... GripCEO!! :p

    He's a very kind player and always there to make you feel at home, as you can see here. He's also quite modest, a good example of that can be seen here.

    Then again... Well, uhm... Maybe we could do an exchange.. You could come to SMP2 and we'll ship him off to SMP7 :D

    Anyway... a little more serious... FDNY is fully right; its best to experience this for yourself :)
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  7. smp4 is the best. Cuz it rules.
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  8. This is why these threads don't tend to work... people just end up posting their home server and say it's the best :p
  9. Yes move to smp2! I used to be an smp7'er but I've seemed to liked smp2 a bit more. You can ask anyone on smp7 :p
  10. I'd say spend some time on the smp you'd like to move to during your usual play hours for a few days. That way, you can what the community is typically like when you play.

    The hard part is you will likely end up finding several smps that you enjoys. I have reses on many because I get attached to communities and don't want to leave. :)
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  11. You should move to smp4. Best thing about it is ESSELEM lives there (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
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  12. SMP2 for life.
  13. I left smp4 because ESSELEM was there though... (Even though he wasn't around then)
  14. i made the move to SMP 2 been welcomed already
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