Most rare promos?

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  1. Hello EMC-ers!

    Just a quick question. Does anybody know which promos are particularly rare/worth a lot of rupees? I'm guessing these might be ones which are quite old (when the community was a lot smaller) or ones that have only been issued once. Just curious really.

    Thanks :)
  2. I know that the ICC Eggnog is worth a lot of money.
  3. I sold my eggnog recently for 4mil
  4. Wow. Tell me more, when was that given away?
  5. i have two egged neverhounds?
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  6. *mmph*

    Technically, the rarest promo is the Impossiball, with there being only one in existance. It was sold for 7 mil a few years ago.
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  7. Rose bouquet only 10 ever I think 9 or 8 left


    Piece of a pyramid only 4
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  8. Donkey Rudolph ftw
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  9. Most people are listing event items along with promos. So, here's my opinion on both:

    Original Dragon Eggs
    ICC V-Day Head
    ICC Eggnog
    Maxarian Shoes
    Rose Boquet
    2013 Birthday Cake
    Map Version of EMC Treasure Voucher
    Purple People Party Paper

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  10. Sacred Chicken Egg
  11. Arena weapons are pretty rare, only a few swords/longbows in existence.
  12. Nope, not TECHNICALLY a promo. Rarest promo is ICC BDay Suit
  13. I own an ICC V-Day head and a Diamond Supporter Gift
    If these are considered rare than yay
  14. The 60k set is pretty rare (or is it the 80k?)
  15. 60k is the one you're thinking of. It isn't really rare. It's just some people *cough Moe* own a lot of pieces and not many are willing to give them up.
  16. I think people misunderstand what a promo is. A promo is an item obtained through /promo <name>.

    A LOT of what's been speculated in this thread are merely rares and NOT actual promos. Examples of rares would be donkey forms of promos (since you had to apply a glitch to get them), ICC Eggnogs, Impossiball, all heads except for Maxarian, both of the valentines roses (since they were handed out not distributed with /promo), etc. Examples of promos would be 60k items, non-donkey horses, freedom items, etc.

    So, by the actual definition of what a promo is and not this random definition people seemed to have conjured up out of thin air, the highest valued promotional item distributed through /promo would be any of the 60k tools or armor besides the ore buster. Incitatus could arguably be worth more than a 60k piece but that's a minority of people that would believe that — usually people that are horse enthusiasts and also promo collectors.
  17. I think it's the 2013 b-day cake then... a promo wich was only obtaineble with /promo for about tree minutes, because it has got a typo in it, it says 2013 in number of 2014 :)
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