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  1. So I was bored looking at the statistics page and down at the bottom there is a bunch of different tabs. After clicking on the first one I realized that if you click the buttons at the top you can see different stats for different blocks.

    So... apparently i have made a lot of sea lanterns? About 15 DCs. Also, apparently I have mined more sponges than i have oak wood. Well... since the stats record anyways because i did get 2 dcs of oak logs like a week after playing and lord that was painful.
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  2. nice, these are also per-SMP stats so I had to jump around a lot to see what kind of numbers I got. You want to see those sponges?
  3. right yeah, i forgot to put that in OP. This is just from smp7. I would post the most crafted block/item from your main smp. I'm tired.

    As you can see from OP, I use quartz SOOOO much...
  4. I must be blind... Where can I find the statistics page?
  5. Minecraft menu.
    (when you hit esc)
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  6. That box is blocking your view, you should take it off:p
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  7. Oh, it's a game feature... I thought it was an EMC thing, lol. Okay, thanks.
  8. 47k gold blocks <3
  10. Two guard farms and an under water city and 3 ocean monuments dried lol. Still lots to go on the underwater city.

    But those powered rails though... placed/mined (they are almost all still there, the ones I have placed.
  11. You gotta click the "most crafted" button at the top of the first row ;-)

  12. Too much dirt

    Too much oak
  13. Oh, I love these statistics. I'm also glad they're kept per world instead of per version since Minecraft 1.7.
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  14. Oh foxy that makes me think of my floating island(the dirt) I will have to look that up when I get home.

    607 where is your stats? :)
  15. What does each column mean?
  16. That will be the day when I debate my life because I dug that much dirt.
  17. Glass blocks is my number one for most crafted in SSP. :)