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Which would you like?

Factions 4 vote(s) 26.7%
Kitpvp 4 vote(s) 26.7%
Minez 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Skyblock 9 vote(s) 60.0%
Creative 7 vote(s) 46.7%
Prison 3 vote(s) 20.0%
Other (Please Leave a Reply) 6 vote(s) 40.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey guys, in EMC, we have 9 servers plus utopia, but they`re all economy/survival, where as a place like -, or - has multiple different types. (i.e. factions, prison, pvp, kitpvp, skyblock, ad.inf. as well as the above with different plugins such as, starwars, guncraft etc.)
    So why can`t we follow they`re lead?
  2. Factions and kit PvP will likely be elements of the upcoming Dystopia server.
    MineZ and Skyblock will likely be elements of the upcoming games world.
    Prison and Creative...they are possible-ish ideas to me.
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  3. There is PVP, but in an arena. Also, our developers take pride in making their own plugins.
  4. EMC is more focused on being the absolute best Survival server out there and that will always take a lot of time and effort, as Aikar has said in the past, from the developers to make sure it holds that status. Adding a lot of random other modes to this specific system will take away from it, since it can't be babied and taken care of as much as it needs.

    Not saying of course that any of those other servers are bad, as they are amazing in their own rights as well. However, it's one of those situations where taking two great things and putting them together won't work simply because they're both great things.

    Think of...Icecream and spaghetti. Both are amazing on their own...but would taste horrible together, lol.
  5. plugins cause lag when just copy pasted in, we want our survival servers lag free from people building like skyblock fortressess and stuff. also dis is a survival server so ummmm just read :D
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  6. I can't imagine why :confused:
  7. If you do add a minigames server, please do not forget to add quakecraft.
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  8. What is quakecraft?
  9. No more servers. Nononono. No. No more for me to keep track of XD
  10. Btw, when I said the names of other servers, how come they were blanked out?
  11. now i want spagetti :/ THANKS ICC
  12. Advertising isn't allowed.
    Do an internet on quakecraft.
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  13. I`ve never heard of "dystopia" What is it?
  14. Because advertising other servers is against the rules.
    A planned server that is basically "super-hardmode" with lots of nasty, hostile things that want to eat your eyes for jujubees.
  15. this
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  16. I know, this is just an example.
  17. Brace yourself for something that will sound very cheesy... We don't follow anyone's "lead", we make our own.
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  18. Personally, I'm all for this.
    The servers are great, but interests change frequently for some people (such as myself).
    With more gametypes I'd likely still be interested in the Empire.

    Plus, Empire of what exactly? An empire is huge and vast with many different things within it; you can't call ourselves an 'Empire' if it's the same thing on all the servers. Sure, we have many unique things such as enraged mobs and bosses (and the elusive dragon tombs), but there is nothing screaming "WE HAVE IT ALL" other than perhaps IcC and his powers to kill people on command.

    I think Change is good and bad, yet Unchanging is impossible. Just one of the facts of life.
  19. Are your palms getting sweaty, Bite? Are they?
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  20. no. no. lets not do this. totally should be a NO answer up there...
    i avoid all those terrible servers with all those worthless games and extra addons and extra worlds... they just add annoyance. this is a survival community server... not a place to play skyblock or creative -__- or create annoying factions with people spamming about joining joining... not agreeing :(