More like a reintroduction :)

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  1. Hello! I've been away from PC gaming in general for a few years now, but this is one of the first things I came back to. I've been on EMC for 9 years apparently, it does yet doesn't feel like it's been that long. I played for a few years straight back then, and I'm hoping to find the same passion for the server again!

    I'm set up on smp8, and I used to be kaja_the_pug. To anyone who may recognize that username, feel free to reach out! And I am open to meeting new friends as well, the community is more than half the fun here :)
  2. Well I wasn't here way back then, but its nice to see returning players.. Welcome back!
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  3. Welcome back :)

    I think I do rememver a the_pug, but that might be someone else or someone simmilair... It's quite long ago :p
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  4. Welcome back, kaja/Amoena. :)
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  5. Welcome back. 🙂
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  6. Welcome back! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :D
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  7. Welcome back to EMC!
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  8. Hi! I mean hello. No for real like I’m saying Hi to you.
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  9. Welcome back!
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  10. Mini Sota. I'm Iowa but have spent a lot of time up there on one of the ten thousand lakes. Awesome state, in the summer that is.
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  11. Why hello there! :)
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  12. Oh yeah the winters here definitely get cruel, lol
  13. Always nice to see an OG player return. Welcome back! :D
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  14. Welcome back to EMC!
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  15. I might be able to say the same to you! This is the first post of yours I've seen in at least half a year!