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  1. We announced it yesterday in game, but here is the formal announcement for those who are not already aware!

    MrSocks75 has hacked EMC, and given himself Developer rank... And since he showed the technical skill to hack into EMC to do this, I have let him keep the rank as he has proven his worth!

    Just kidding... Socks has been helping out for a while now (some of you got the hints and figured it out already I know), but we held off on announcing while he was still in the early stages of learning and also since he is semi-inactive at this time (still will be next month).

    However Socks has came to stay the weekend with me at my house, and we've been getting some serious work done on making our code better!

    Socks has taken lead on development and progression of the Games server, and together we are building some foundation frameworks to improve the implementation of the games server (to not require command blocks which are really inefficient and not as reliable as code).

    We created this!
    This lets us set up a repeater system that executes an action on a fixed rate that will have no realistic impact to server performance.

    This replaces the concept of using command blocks with redstone clocks, which we know redstone DOES have impact and also can be fragile if half the chunks are unloaded (breaking clocks) and requires extensive space to build out those blocks.

    Our possibilities for this system are endless. We can create all kinds of special games with teleporting, or set up things like automatic arrow removal for Machine Gun Marlix events, or boundaries to send entities back if they go into a certain area.

    We've also just been doing a lot of code cleanup and improving too. Chicken has some big changes coming in the next update too, so were really hitting it hard to get this all tested and out the door and start to really improve some implementations :)

    Socks has been helping convert our commands to the new command system too, which is some work that's been needed for a while. Expect more commands to have command completion and syntax information present :)
    Socks has been helping with dev for a few months now, but we figured why not announce his role now while he's over here.
    Everyone 'officially' welcome socks to the Dev role!

    While he is blue name at this time, he is also still a moderator, so we are planning to switch socks back to moderator green with Developer title, once I get some other planned changes done, enabling us to give dual titles. Once its done, it won't mean he was demoted from dev!

    But we will still have the developer rank around incase we get a new dev that is not staff.
  2. Congrats Shoes!
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  3. Can't wait for the pvp timer to be fixed ;)
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  4. Congratz Socks
  5. sweet
    i gave chicken a code the other day for something xD
  6. (Official) Congratulations Socks!
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  7. Woo-hoo! Congratulations!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Oh, great! I was wondering who that hint stood for. Happy to hear things are going well with the games server! :)
  10. Sounds good!
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  11. Sweet, grats Socks! :p
  12. Congratulations Mr Socks, well deserved :)
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  13. I think he should have a rainbow name in &k.
  14. Thank you Socks for all your hard work
  15. Congratulations Socks, a well deserved promotion. :)
  16. I so agree

    Congrats MrSocks! Have fun on your new journey, I know you'll do your job very well as usual. :)
  17. Congratulations Socks, I hope to see you around EMC. I am excited to see what this new update brings to EMC!
  18. Wow. I am amazed. I'm glad for you, Socks! I hope to see tons of new stuff coming from our hands soon.

    As for the games server, I've been waiting for this day for what seems like forever. =P I'm glad to see it's advancing.
  19. Woot.socks you da man