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Do you have it?

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  1. This is a thread for anything related to Monster Hunter and all of the games. Monster Hunter has a huge online co-op element so being able to get a group together that can talk before and after fights is a huge help.

    Monster Hunter is a difficult, depth filled action game about hunting monsters. These aren't your normal dungeon monsters though. These are (usually) massive beasts taking 10-40 minutes to take down. The entire game is essentially a series of boss fights with each monster being unique and fun. Combat is more than button mashing though (actually, button mashing is the best way to die). Instead, it is about careful timing, learning a monster's weaknesses and tells, and taking advantage of every opportunity. Messing up is punished heavily with monsters dealing massive damage with each hit and having massive amounts of health. Difficulty wise, I have seen it compared to Dark Souls although I have never played Dark Souls. The game takes some patience to learn and will destroy you at first, but once you get the hang of it and find a weapon class that works for you, it is tons of fun. Speaking of weapons, there are many different types ranging from slow but damaging great swords, speedy dual blades, and long range bow guns. All of them play completely differently. One of my favorite, the insect glaive, features an insect that can be launched to attack from a short distance. I promise it is much cooler than it sounds :p. Overall, the game is incredibly fun featuring all kinds of monsters and massive replay value. If you have a recent Nintendo console, you can pick up either 4u or gen depending on what you have. The game is rated teen.

    Here is a video of one of the monsters in the game. This is the monster on the cover of 4u and an incredibly fun fight. This player seems to be pretty good at the game although you can see where one mistake snowballs into a loss of 3/4 of the player's health. This is one of the harder fights towards the end of low rank. (low, high, then G). The weapons being used is a long sword.

    I like to play as a Insect Glaive Great Sword user in 4u and dual blades in 3u. I am HR7 and 10* in 4u. I recently got generations but am still very early in it.
    Does anyone else have the game and want to hunt some monsters or just discuss it?
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  3. oo they have one for 3ds, might get (ᵔᴥᵔ)
  4. I have the 4th one and a 2ds but they have a newer one called monster hunter generations. The games work best with the second circle pad but work fine using the target camera.
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  5. Just beat the shagaru magala and can do high rank quests. Got killed once but managed to survive the rest. The rng land mines are a pain though. A couple of times I had a small heart attack when one spawned right where I was about to pole vault to.
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  6. Bump. Recently started playing online getting myself up to high rank guild. Playing with strangers is fine but having a group of people would be more fun.
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  7. Speeding through the low rank guild. I am currently hr3 with one more to go before getting into the high rank fun. Gore Magala is probably one of the funnest monsters I have fought so far (and far better than the Lagaiacrus and Caedeus from mh3. Slow and awkward underwater combat is the worst.). He isn't particularly hard at low rank but requires much more skill and focus than most of the other monsters.
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  8. I have MH3 on my 3ds but I have gotten bored with it because I have no friends to play with me and soloing monsters is a pain in the behind even with my Chainslaughter and "snow bunny" gear.. I forget the name of the snow bunny.. :oops:
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  9. Soloing some of the stronger monsters can get difficult. Luckily I have barely touched high rank so things are still pretty easy. The snow bunny is probably the lagombi. I remember fighting that in 3 and finding it more difficult than it should have been since I had horrible sharpness dual blades. Haven't fought it in 4 yet though.

    The nice thing about 4 and beyond is the inclusion of online play. Even if you don't have a group of people nearby to play with, you can still enjoy multiplayer with others.
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  10. I got to hr4 so I can now do high rank online quests. I also got some nice Velocidrome s armor with gems to put it up to attack XL.
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  11. Bump? Anyone else play this?
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  12. I've played Monster Hunter 3 and Monster Hunter 4. I got really into the 3rd but haven't played alot of the 4th game.
    Weapon of choice: Dual Blade, I love to be fast with my weapon. :)
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  13. The dual blades are really fun and were what I used in 3. I haven't used them at all in 4 though since I have been enjoying the insect glaive.
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  14. I recently gave great sword and hammer another try now that I actually know about the charging thing. They are fun but I have to learn to play less aggressively with them. I tend to go in for an attack during openings that are too small.
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  15. The Great sword is tons of fun. I am currently trying to farm a seregios to get its great sword so I can kill the more Monoblos. I want to farm the Monoblos for its armor. Seregios is proving to be very difficult. It isn't the bleeding effect or annoying projectiles but the leaps into the air and homing like behavior. The safest place to be when it does that is directly underneath or else it will find you and will take half your health away.
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  16. Currently fighting Dalamadur. Beat it once but it was for someone else's urgent so it didn't really count. Also, the video isn't mine.
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  17. I used to play Monster Hunter, I remember a stupid bird monster that could mimic monster calls and call for help, while spitting out fire. After I failed to kill it for the 29th time, decided that I should play something else. Always loved the bow class.
  18. Was it this?

    That thing is pretty annoying although the high rank version is even worse. Instead of calling something easy like a Great Jaggi, it summons the Deviljho to come wreck you. If it is this monster, I assume you have Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate?
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  19. Yes, yes, I hate that thing with a passion, always summoning monsters I couldn't deal with...
  20. If you want help and still have the game, the Port missions can be done in online multiplayer.
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