Monopolising The Empire!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MiniTheMuffin, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Heya guys, I'm Mini, and I like muffins, a lot! :D

    I plan to stay here for quite a while, as everyone here seems to be rather friendly :)

    I also have a some goals for my stay here such as:

    Make a mall from just my starting 14k
    Successfully make 1000k from said mall
    Monopolise the Empire (as the title suggests) xD

    Any suggestions of which server I should destroy the economy on first?

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  2. Welcome to EMC, Mini. :)
    If I were being evil, I'd say SMP8. But if you actually want an economy to destroy, try starting with SMP1 or SMP9.
    (Making a mall on SMP8 is like naming a ship "Unsinkable." You aren't tempting fate, you're goading it with a big red target symbol on your forehead.)
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  3. Not another economy destroyer...

    Anyways, welcome!

    Do you want to make 1 million rupees or 100,000 rupees? You put 1000k which is equal to 1 million :p

    ruari342 suggested SMP4, however I live/play SMP4 and you will have no chance of 'destroying' the economy :p There are mega malls like 9122 (BFInc MegaMall) and 9000 (bloodra1n's mega mall), but shops like 8992 (BFInc's cheap gem shop) which will make it hard to really have a way in.

    Feel free to attempt SMP4 but it will be a challenge :p

    Quick questions. How do you plan to destroy the economy? And, how do you plan on monopolising the Empire?
  4. Thanks XD. I meant 1 million but couldn't remember how to spell it for the life of me XD
    My plan is to drive the prices down so much that I can buy diamonds for 30r (and the rest of the items equally reduced)
    I've managed to achieve economy destruction on my past 2 servers, so I think I'll go for the challenge of smp4
    As for the monopolising, once I have bought everyone's stock with my millions of rupees, I'll drive the prices right back up xD
    The move on to the next server :)
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  5. Haha good luck.
  6. Haha, cool! Keep me updated on your adventures destroying the economy! :) (As if Aikar didn't already do enough :rolleyes:)
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  7. I have an image somewhere!
  8. Ah so there is a past of economy destroying here, even better. *huehuehue*
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  9. We've had multiple people. 72Volt, Eye_car and Aikar. None of them were successful...
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  10. Welcome to the Empire Mini.:)
  11. Choose SMP1 and crush Todd_Vinton!

    I mean - have fun!
  12. You better believe it... I found an "Economy Destroying Button" on SMP1. :p Welcome to the Empire!
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  13. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  14. You can destroy smp6 if you want ME WANT MONEYS!!! I mean... welcome :p

    That is now my desktop background.
  15. If you want to monopolize smp4, you will have to get past me, my dirt shack, and that's pretty much all I've got. :D
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  16. I wouldn't say that last one was unsuccessful
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  17. Best Minecraft Servers
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  18. btw 1k isnt much on this server
    edit is 1000k like 1000 000 so a million?