Momo caught red handed

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  1. Momo was breaking and entering, looting and vandalizing this house. He needs to be taught a lesson and I am preparing to smash my helmet into his foot repeatedly while making his Hench men chase me until they are exhausted . Yes, I will die many times fighting him in close quarters like this but he must learn. He is not in charge.
  2. So that's where all those extra reward drops come from eh? Those mini bosses are actually raiding player storages for it :D
  3. Shame on you Momentus. :p
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  4. Truly a momentous occasion.
  5. /diff 1 :p
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  6. You get him good!
  7. oh, thats probably a good idea doing /diff 1. I am at /diff 7 and got the crap kicked out of me in short order and could not respawn in my bed because ...... MOMO WAS STANDING ON IT !!!!!!! Soooooooooo, respawn back at an outpost and trudge my way back out to this location only to open the door and BLAM, WHAM, it was like an episode of old batman show. Back to the outpost. Repeat. I will wear him down, he's getting tired of this, I can tell.
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  8. I noticed you have (or had) fish in your inventory. If you're on SMP8 you might be able to throw a fish at him, marry him, and then sue him for domestic violence and marriage / emotional abuse :D

    Try to fine him for... I don't know: 3 dragon stone fragments, 4 zombie heads and 5 shiney flesh :)
  9. I hate it when Momentus is right on top of my bed, whats worse is when Marlix and his minions are surrounding my bed and spawn killing me.
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  10. he is at it again! A second story man! Momo is getting rather brave going after us in our houses.
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  11. I'm so sorry he raided your vault. I have proof he felt bad.... He committed suicide in this tree..
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  12. man that may be the funniest thing I have ever heard on these forums :)
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