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  1. 2013-07-20_19.21.58.png
    And this is only the half of it...
  2. Aikar....what did you break?
  3. There were reports of 7 around the village, only 4 have been accounted for so far
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  4. We are making a sequel to Farmville. This is the first part.
  5. And now there are reports of a Marlix.
    That poor village....
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  6. And where is THAT?
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  7. smp5 wastelands I think :p
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  8. smp2 frontier
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  9. i swear i have the worst luck some people get 7 to spawn on em i cant get one
  10. Then were do the toothpicks you auction come from :).
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  11. Ive never even seen a Marlix/Momentus in the Wild. I only get enraged zombies. And I've only seen about 10 enraged mobs in my time.. And I live in the wild on Smp6.. Wut.
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  12. Palm's story: I had defeated 3 momentuses before, never got more loot than some diamonds.
    Today I just defeated 3 momentuses in a row, with RainbowChin (we didn't get a pic of the third one) .
    The loot so far: 2 zombie heads and 17 diamonds, of 3 momentuses! -_-
    I gave up on fighting the 4th one and the marlix lol.
    And whilst fighting I found this:
    This thief skeleton took my head and RainbowChin's chest plate and sword :p

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  13. from other people spawning them and coming to be like "help me obiwan" and im like i got this
  14. Combating this thing is slow, and I just noticed a second one in the distance.
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  15. Good luck and we told you so :p When we left there should've been 3 more momentuses for you to fight I think.
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  16. Ok, but I am getting a good amount of virus and diamonds as well!
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  17. Me and Panda just battled one earlier today in a griefed land! Those things tower above the mini zombies, and they hold so much health! It takes more than one player to defeat them at least! I've heard there are also giant skeletons and creepers too.
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  18. Giant skeletons and creepers aren't in the game, so that would be impossible.
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  19. I've heard there were giant skeletons and creepers, I'm not sure they exist.
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