Momentus teleported me inside the ground?

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  1. There's currently a Momentus on SMP1 in a river, I wandered too close and got sucked in; everything went black and I started suffocating instantaneously.
    I couldn't break any blocks around me, so to get some time to think about it I logged off.
    In a few seconds (when I log back in) I'll die.
    What do? =P

    Can a mod teleport me out of the ground (?) or is this just one of the joys of the Momentus?
  2. Sadly this happens when he spawns somewhat in the ground. Given his huge size, this might be something that happens. The terrain probably plays a part in this aswell. I've had many spawn in my swamp area. Few times he was stuck in trees, mountain sides, etc.
  3. there isn't much you can do besides die, and then go back and try and dig to find your stuff

    what i recommend in the future is bringing a bed and putting it down nearby and then if he's underground you spend some time digging around him to make room
  4. Let yourself die and then type /deathlog and run really fast back to get your stuff xD
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  5. Can you quickly try to dig an opening to the side?
  6. There is a battle log if you log off and back in you'll have a few seconds to try to get out or i can come save you
  7. This happened to me stuck in a mountain with Momentus and died...came back and he died inside of it a few mins later.
  8. Even if you have just your fist, you should be able to dig a 1 block hole at your head so you will survive. This also gives an area for you to easily kill the momentus if its foot is preventing you from digging any further.
    However, this will lessen your drops for killing the Momentus.
    Good Luck with the quest.
  9. go to another server quickly, change difficulty to 1 and wait out the timer, then log back in to that server get the coordinates and tell others to come save you then log out
  10. Whatever you do tell us what happens. The suspense is killing me. We're all rooting for you.
  11. What they said. For those unknown with this: at higher difficulty levels Momentus will automatically attack and pull you in, even if you didn't do anything, which can have this effect. Or worse: on SMP2 I once got pulled in only to get insta-killed because of my voters gear. But in those cases a bed can do miracles (and maybe lowering your difficulty level (see /diff)). Best I managed so far with voters gear is difficulty 5, hopefully I can try 6 next time.
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