Momentus Encounter :/

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  1. So I ran into Momentus while at a new outpost of all places! totally ill-equipped, I had no choice but to run in the end... also I've never actually fought him so... it was a terrifying experience. Here is what happened:
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  2. I did the exact same thing you did when i first ran into it. Only difference between me and you was diamond armor and a smite IV sword. He won that tug of war....barely.

    Came back with a friend and we two-shot the momentus.

    Go read up on them in the wiki, then find the miniboss blog post for tips on how to combat it and the Marlix. :)
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  3. you need to use god apple, and potions (Fire resist, Strength, Regen) and fighting him in water is easier as the minions can't attack you when you are underwater
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  4. too much effort since i'm out at the outpost :/
  5. You gotta be careful how you fight him in water though. If movement is impeded you do run the risk of special drop chances falling because of the fair fight meter thing (It's in the wiki, don't remember what it's called).

    Not a huge deal if you've got a Momentus vendetta, like I do. However, it is a huge factor if your overall objective is his Toothpick or a Dirt Destroying Tick Tock. :)
  6. i defeated him anyway just now... no drops though :/ looks like someone else was there over night cause there are random blocks that weren't there last time
  7. From all the fights I've done underwater never ran into that feature. I think that feature only applies if the vision/movement of the mob is obstructed and i think water blocks don't come as a obstruction block.
  8. Try to get under water with it above you, makes the momentus really easy to kill :p
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  9. Very cool video, thanks for sharing this!

    Ever since I joined EMC I've always been a little more excited to see video's about it ("Hey cool, that's where I play!") but what I especially like about your video is that you're very easy to hear and understand. Some video's have a problem with low audio so you'd always need to raise the volume and such. Not here, and that positively surprised me.

    And I got all excited too just now; I discovered another one of your videos and recognized my friends name (AussieZaid) in there. I know he lives on smp2 (also my home server) and so figured; "lets freeze playback with the res. entry/part messages" and for sure; I can trace your video...

    ha, ha, ha, I'm on youtube! :p 1:12, when you press tab; I can see my name :)

    Say; if you want that "Bane of Netherrack" fixed then poke me this week. I also live on smp2, I'm still a supporter (I'm going white next month week and will go dia again around May) so I can easily get a lot of XP when I need it. 39xp is no problem for me, so if you'd like that tool fixed then I can help you out there.

    Also; when following that video (I love it!, watching as I view it; I'm at 3:47)... You probably know about this command but I can't help share anyway: you can also go to a specific outpost by specifying the direction. So when you went South you could also have used: /waste s.

    Oh dear, I disconnected at 6:34, didn't even wait until the end of the video ;)

    Yeah, this was to be expected. And it's all the staffs fault :p

    You see; the mobs were all happy and cozy in the wastelands, sometimes living in player made structures and dug out caves and such. They were all happy until the reset basically kicked them out of their homes. So it was to be expected that some found their way into the Frontier too ;)

    Anyway; totally unrelated to the Momentus but your outpost looks pretty interesting :)
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  10. wow thanks XD I've never had someone compliment my videos like that, thanks :D and I think I'll take you up on that offer for the tool repair, probably some time tomorrow :) thanks again mate!
  11. Nice video! I haven't run into Momentous yet, so WOW :)
  12. This must have been a long time ago.
    weeh was a diamond supporter.
  13. The account on was weeh's alt, _weeh666_
  14. Awesome video :D

    My advice as far as killing the EMC minibosses is: If you bring anything, bring a bed. Its nice to have god armor, god apples, etc. but I have killed quite a few using just my voters armor and a bed
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  15. Nearly a play by play of my first encounter with him lol! Except the part where he landed on me and I died :) Great video!
  16. I have EMC LPs on YouTube now too. The audio could use a little improvement, to be sure, but hey, and any YouTube noob starts off badly equipped. Right now I use a headset with a mic that is a little sensitive. If I put it too close to my mouth, you can hear my every exhale. If it's too far away, you can barely hear me. I've yet to find the perfect place to put it. I may just use our other headset for recording, because it has a built-in mic instead of one you fold out in front of your mouth. Anyhoo, here's a link to my channel:
  17. :p

    I saw weeh. Didn't think, just posted :p
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