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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by GameKribJEREMY, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Ive seen alot of new Moderaters being appointed lately :) and They do a Fine job.

    I was wondering if there's any plans for more Mods in the near future?

    There hasnt been a single Mod or Admin on smp2 tonight (for the past 7 hours that I was on)
    I saw crazy1080 for maybe 10 minutes. Jeremy Popped on to solve a dispute.
    It's good to know the Admins/Mods are at hand if needed :) But it sure has been hecktic tonight.
    Just one of those nights i guess.

    Happy Crafting.
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  2. Oh, sorry, I've been really busy today. I was building a cobble generator for Oidking and that's why I was on smp2, but I spend a lot of my EMC time on smp3 now to help the new players. I got a new monitor for my computer and it is lagging a lot now, so I am upset. It was a gift, so I can't get rid of it or not use it, so... If I'm not online, that's why.
  3. off topic
    I'm not a professional when it comes to computers, but i know a few things. And one of them it a monitor should not lag your computer. It just receives a signal at the end of a cord.
    So.... While the good news is you don't have to worry about taking the monitor back.
    The bad news is... need to look at what else might be causing the lag
  4. My computer is probably just tired or something, but it is noticeably slower with the monitor. (I am using a laptop, so that may or may not be the root of my problems as the new monitor is very large and... I have no idea what I am talking about.)
  5. You know It could come down to your video card, a out of date driver or something of the like. Usually I play around and trouble shoot as much as I can and this fixes problems most of the time. But hey, this is the moderator thread, not post your pc errors, maybe we could start another in a more appropriate sub forum? :)
  6. I'm just low on Virtual Memory. It may be related to my Spoutcraft 2048 height world I generated earlier... But enough of that.
  7. to continue this topic that shouldnt be continued...

    you should just lower the screen resolution of your new monitor. Like if its a full hd monitor (1920*1080) then bump that bad boy to the 1280*768 range or the like. Unless the monitor is over 32 in.. there is not one thing you will do that will cause the monitor to loose detail at 720p.. also, if you are using extended displays, you should just make the monitor your primary display and disable the laptop display.

    I know this is still off topic but this is an easy problem to fix and its not the monitor per se, but the fact that you are running a larger monitor on a mobile video card, and unless you have a dell xps or an Alienware monster/beast. then this usually is not recommended for gaming, or really anything other than watching movies.

    So yeah, turning down your screen resolution should definitely help out. It will pull alot that strain of your little ol video card.
  8. It is a big monitor. I'll just reserve it for netflix, since my Wii met a tragic end.
  9. lol.. wii... tragic

    perfect ingredients for a

    cool story bro ;)
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  10. Congrats to Me for becoming a Moderator! :)

    (I have no friends.)
  11. Grats Man :) You'll be a great mod!
  12. Your a mod, too? CONGRATZ!!! you are a really cool and helpful person.
  13. Oh, you're a moderator too? Did that happen about the same time it happened for me?
  14. all of these moderator changes. its crazy.
  15. it is ISMOOCH, i wonder if oidking or oidgod have applied yet
  16. May I ask when it ends? Or doesn't it? Thanks. :D
  17. We'll always need new mods, so there isn't an end. As we expand we'll pick people for the position. :)
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