Moderator Application [Updated February 17th, 2012]

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  1. apply for being a mod, the first post of this thread contains the app link

    if you pester them, they lower your chance of being promoted to the position of moderator
  2. Dont forget to fill out the application on the first post of this topic :)
  3. I did, Lol I posted this and I was like :O
  4. I like helping people out, we all miss things sometimes. This is a fun friendly community and part of that is being tolerable and helpful. Cause after all we are all here for the same reason, we think Minecraft is the bomb (oh yes I just said that) and want to have fun playing it with an awesome community :)
  5. That awkward moment you can't like a comment more than once ;)
  6. In my opinion Justin, lock this thread. We don't exactly need the random people specifically doing what it says not to and saying they sent in their application.

    *This is just a suggestion*
  7. Playing empire minecraft for 6 7 months? You first signed into the Empire 22 days ago. On top of that the Empire has only existed for just over 3 months XD
  8. Hey everyone, we've recently become the top spot on a few MC server lists and are doing some hardcore advertising on some big sites, I'm expecting more servers to be added in the near future a bit quicker than we have been in the past.

    Because of this, I modified our mod application a bit and will be taking fresh applications at this point. If you've filled one out in the past, feel free to do so again. This is a new running and I will probably do this every few months so we always have a 'fresh' list of active players to go through. :)

    The link is in the very first post of this thread.
  9. Kays.
  10. Although I think this should be a given, I highly suggest reading every question and question description in detail before answering.
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  11. I recommend locking the thread again :)
  12. Very impressive improvement on the Moderator Application form. :)
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  13. I can say so myself! I will not be posting it any time soon. I will be taking my time with it to ensure it is the best it can be :)
  14. The scenarios are a great idea and very professional. Another reason the EMC has staying power.
  15. I'm rather confidant in my app.
  16. (i know sorry ur not supposed to respond to the thread :l) Anyone else find it weird/funny when u see a post like "Sent mine in" And its now a moderator? lol
  17. lol
  18. i got ban for some thing i acciedently did sorry :(
  19. IT says febuary 17... but replies are from before that? So should i send in application again?
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