Mobs back in Town, protect your things! - April Fools 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. I must admit this did fool me for a moment(but just a moment, I gotta maintain some pride). Made me come running back from the wilderness freaking out about my res and then having it dawn on me that there was never an update to the server that implemented this...:p
  2. Awwwwwwww!So
    my Iron Golem Farm wont work?
  3. Sorry but: No kidding... Sherlock! :p
  4. Lol, I love the people who just freaked and were like WAWAWAWA! Made me lol. Wish I could've been on to see it :(
  5. They did a server reboot just a bit before the Mobs started.
  6. ah well I guess I wasn't on when they did that, I saw it on the forums
  7. I still think my idea was better. :(
  8. What was your idea?
  9. Tell Max he doesnt make a good cat :) i spotted it right away. it wwas funny he kept activating my traps :)
  10. Random encounters of me being a enderdragon and laying my eggs in the town roads.

    2012-03-31_23.34.25.png 2012-03-31_23.34.png 2012-04-01_15.44.48.png 2012-04-01_16.17.23.png 2012-04-01_16.17.34.png mobs1.png mobs2.png mobs3.png mobs4.png
  11. Town coming together to kill the fire breathing dragon.

    2012-04-01_15.39.05.png 2012-04-01_15.39.45.png dragon.png
  12. Oh, it was just awesome is all.
  13. Sure, sure. ;)
  14. Green_Mystery as a Giant and me as his pet dragon terrorizing a player's res.

    2012-04-01_18.55.26.png 2012-04-01_18.55.29.png 2012-04-01_18.55.37.png 2012-04-01_18.56.35.png
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  15. This was me being a super fast running/bouncing slime throwing out random slimeballs to distract the mob of angry people trying to kill me. D:

    2012-04-01_15.57.53.png 2012-04-01_15.57.59.png 2012-04-01_15.58.44.png 2012-04-01_15.58.48.png 2012-04-01_15.58.50.png 2012-04-01_15.58.55.png 2012-04-01_15.59.43.png 2012-04-01_15.59.46.png 2012-04-01_16.01.29.png 2012-04-01_16.01.49.png
  16. This was me being a super fast running/bouncing slime throwing out random slimeballs to distract the mob of angry people trying to kill me. D:

    More (image uploader cuts off at 10 images per post).

    2012-04-01_16.01.50.png 2012-04-01_16.02.09.png 2012-04-01_16.03.55.png 2012-04-01_16.04.01.png
  17. What texture pack do you use? :D Looks amazing !
  18. My poor pig!

    Two mods doing horrible things. Look as the unsuspecting pig is about to be....

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  19. Finally...I only have one shot of this, but a few mods and I went to this lovely fellow deep in the wild in his base as ocelots. He tried to capture us in one of his rooms, but every time he almost had us trapped we'd quickly run out. I'm sure he was frustrated, haha...but glad he was a good sport. I blurred out the coordinates of his location as well for his privacy. :)

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