Mobs back in Town, protect your things! - April Fools 2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Hahahaha, I knew it was the staff ya know why? Doing /who (server) showed there were staff online. However in the tab menu they were not there. So I knew it was some form of Mob Disguise. Plus the staff were on more so than they are ever on. Hahaha good job though Justin :D
  2. wtf c'mon I am a talented Creeper and I even knew this was a joke ^_^ even though I didn't see 1 mob I do think this was a good plan and I knew from the start the staff were the monsters ^_^ cause 2 ender dragons gave it away and ender dragons are only in the End realm :p
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  3. Lol, who was the enderdragon? :confused:
  4. Everyone.
  5. Wasnt th
    ere like 3?
  6. It is true look at my pic!
  7. I was pretending not to know but I figured it out right at the beginning :p
  8. Yea see. Somone agrees!
  9. Haha yeah, I figured most would :)
  10. It was fun to watch the people that don't read The forums react to the mobs.
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  11. I mean which staff member :p
    Yeah obviously ;P
  12. Knew it I love trollinlololin. With the Staff.
  13. So the staff just changed skins all on one server?
  14. Every one of us was the dragon AT LEAST once. :p
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  15. Green your dragon in your signature is epic o.o
  16. wow! I have to admit, you got me good! I was freaking out.
  17. This was be being a chicken. I gave birth to a dragon egg and was sitting on it to hatch it.

    2012-04-01_16.11.09.png 2012-04-01_16.11.12.png 2012-04-01_16.11.14.png
  18. On SMP7 Aikar and iSMOOCH were dragons, I gave them the rights to demolish my res to make it "believable" :p

    It was funny the ones who believed it but there were a few kill-joys I thought were gonna ruin it.
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  19. Pfttttttttttttttt I knew that this was a joke ( AWWWWWWWWWWWWW MAN I CAN'T MAKE MOB TRAP NOW)
    I didn't say anything.... :)
  20. This got me loled hard
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