Mob Unicorns!

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  1. You can place End Rods on mobs and it will rotate to look like a horn! Kytula and I thought this would be a fun idea to have unicon mobs!
  2. Why does it not surprise me that somebody suggested this? Like it seems so natural to make unicorns with end rods. It would be interesting to see, for sure.

    Enraged Unicorn Skeleton Horses anyone?

    Edit: Forgot my +1 xD
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  3. It would be amazing to have unicorn mobs running around. This so should be a thing!

  4. This must be added... +1
  5. Unfortunately, there is no way to have a horse actually wear an end rod. The only way to do this is to have an armor stand position the end rod on the horse. This is all the last time I checked.
  6. +1. I wish this could work
  7. yeah, but Aikar could code it in, I bet :p
  8. Erm, unfortunately no. I am with StoneSky again, I don't think this is possible.
  9. I don't care, UNICORNS!
    +1 :)
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  10. I am sticking with Foxy and Stone here. I believe it is the client side? Maybe? pls no quote ;-;

    EDIT: Either way, it cannot be done which ever the case, unless the mojang team went crazy/desperate and decided to make unicorns.
  11. I don't know, I am amazed by some of the things Aikar & dev team are able to do server side. While I believe it may be difficult, it would be so worth it in the end. Well, after anti-grief, of course.

    Edit: Plus, who said that everything in submitted in the Suggestion Box actually has to be possible? We are allowed to dream. :p
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  12. Although I believe this is possible, I don't really know if its worth the dev's time. With Minecraft releasing major updates faster, it seems there is a lot of less time to devote to adding features such as empires, anti grief, dragon tombs etc. and a lot of time focused on dealing with the updates. With the little time I assume they have, I rather them work on a bit more important things unless this would be an instant quick update that would be very easy to code and even in that case, I dont know if EMC is the best place for unicorns. Sorry but im going to leave a -1

    Tl;dr Not a priority compared to some of the bigger updates plus this wouldn't really fit on emc (-1)
  13. Command blocks make the impossible possible really.. I have seen fully functional video games coded into minecraft with command blocks, as well as working computers/calculators before command blocks were even a thing.. :3
  14. Ok, I sort of understand, that some people may not want random unicorns running across their outpost. However, I think that an
    Enraged Unicorn Skeleton Horse
    would still be awesome. But then that is my personal opinion.

    Edit: Fixed some bad grammar and fixed the colors, which made some text hard to read

    Ok, so a little bit of disclosure here: I completely agree that this feature is not a necessary component for EMC. I agree that it could be difficult to add to the game and that the devs have more important things to do, like Land Claiming and Empires. However, I love the creativity of the idea and have 'supported it' knowing that it would probably never see EMC. But seriously, I still think that an
    Enraged Unicorn Skeleton Horse
    would be awesome.
  15. It would be cool to have Unicorns on EMC but I dont think its necessary to have this either plus idk if this is even possible.
  16. I completely agree with this statement. It is next to ZERO that Aikar can do this, simply because it means he has to put a miniature armor stand moving around with the skeleton horse, with an end rod in its hand. If it was possible, then sure. But the chances, as I mentioned before, are very low.
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  17. Yeah, I've seen a YouTube video with custom mobs made out of armor stands, and there was a lot of lag. I guess until MOJANG does something about unicorns, this will remain a dream...OH MY GOSH A UNICORN
    Sorry, I just had to do that :p