Mob spawning mistakes and you.

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  1. *Yes, I know, this is the second time I have made a thread like this.*

    As any wild dweller can tell you, hostile mobs are spawning way more than they should be. Now, this is a major effect on us wild dwellers. With more hostile mobs, its harder to go out and get materials. Now, does this effect town dwellers? Yes, yes it does. Sure, no mobs spawn in town but guess what comes from the wild? Materials, which you use daily. Now, the effect isn't huge, but if less materials come into town, the less there is to buy. It isn't a large drop, but over time, prices can change over it. Aikar, I highly suggest you work on fixing this.

    *Two examples of this mistake*

    1. I have had a creeper spawn around five blocks from me.
    2. I have had a zombie and a creeper spawn in a fully lit house in the day.
  2. that is a HUGE problem to store owners as well
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  3. That's why I said town dwellers.
  4. idk what town dwellers and wild dwellers are im sorry
  5. Take a guess.
  6. I had a skeleton spawn right in front of me while I was running. I ran into it, but it spawned in a fully lit area.
    EDIT: I support another Legit idea
  7. I'd like this, but it won't happen. Then Aikar would be helping the economy.
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  8. Peopl who dwell in town and people who dwell in the wild...
    PS Good Idea legit! And might I add that, if necessary, I could make you a skin that is more... Legitimate
  9. To be somewhere, either physically or emotionally. So if you're a town dweller, you live in the town. :)
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  10. I like the massive amounts of mobs....I just light up my area really well, and when I want to fight them I just walk to a dark part :p
  11. KEEP IT LIKE THE GITCHY WAY im making a mob farm i want as mutch as i can get on spawnage
  12. Make mob grinders.
  13. ... Wat about creeper sulphur
  14. Go out at night and kill them.
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  15. This is off topic but how many rupees would you pay for a double chest of portal guns if Emc ever allowed the portal mod? (Which it never will) If you dont know what this mod is click here.
  16. Lol no idea until it's implemented. :)
  17. That is not an efficient Way of killing Creepers... I want to be able to just have them killed while AFK
  18. Well its not all about you, now is it? This is a problem for people who spend most of their time in the wild.
  19. Ya, I was farming withers by an outpost of mine, and as I was running back to my portal to stock up on arrows, a wither spawned 1 block in front of me in a 2 high space, popped into the 3 high space next to me, while 6 blazes spawned within ten blocks of me and proceeded to shoot at me. Not a good thing to happen when you have 4 wither skulls on you. This is a very dangerous and costly glitch in the game right now. Aikar, we BEG you to fix this!
  20. asking sparer toaster because i know how crazy he is about portal
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