Mob Ideas

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  1. IcecreamCow
    • 2% chance of spawning
    • No special abilities
    • Cow head has a better possibility of dropping
    • 2% chance of spawning
    • No special abilities Shoots laser beams that do 9999 damage and if you come in a 1000 block radius, you teleport to the chicken.
    • Chicken head has a better possibility of dropping
    These have no practical uses, just thought that they would be fun to implement.
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  2. This is not going to happen sorry :(
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  3. ... wait passive mobs can drop their heads?
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  4. People also thought horses and stained glass were'weren't going to happen :)
    EMC only feature
    Just wanted a feature that is not OP, funny, and a sight to see.
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  5. No special abilities? Really? this chicken better be shooting Laser Beams
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  6. I agree.
    I also think there should be a special JackBigginHamster mob which can drop a Hamster head too. :D
  7. better idea: Icecreamcow has 510,000 HP, fires flaming meat and drops cake renamed icecreamcake
  8. no, you should explode flaming chicken meat when killed or there should be an invisible chicken that the marlix rides.
  9. its a 1.7 feature that emc implemented early
  10. Better?
  11. It's not really a 1.7 feature. Someone in Mojang simply reserved certain named heads for the animals/symbols.
  12. Maxarias
    • 1% chance of spawning.
    • Shoots fire balls at you
    • Creates a 10-by-10 ring of fire when you come close to her
    • Explodes an explosion size of 50 on death.
    • Has 75 health
    • Drops 1-5 pieces of TnT renamed to Mr. Boom Boom
    • Mr. Boom Boom creates an explosion 3 times bigger then regular TnT
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  13. no, drops 1-5 boots renamed "Max's Special shoes"
  14. No. not everyone can use tnt.
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  15. Chikeneer isa chicken the size of momentus and drops a chicken head and also has a rare chance to drop chicken poo. :)
  16. JackBiggen
    A gigantic hamster
    Special Ability:Eats All Super Admins with the letter A as the first letter in their name.
    Drops: Book titled:You must be heartless to have this book with you
    The book can't be dropped until you die, which then the book disappears.
    Spawn chance:If anyone is screwing up the economy:99.99%
    If not, 0%.
    Because we all know that the economy will never be OK until we banish Aikar to the Nether.
  17. A couple problems with the Chickeneer: It's incredibly overpowered, 1,000 blocks is too far of a distance, and currently, there is no model for a chicken head. Just saying.
  18. You are actually wrong. Anyone can sell TNT, therefor everyone can use it in some way.