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  1. Weekly Mob Arena is returning
    Every Monday 8PM UK time, 3PM Eastern*, Noon Pacific*

    There will be two rounds of Standard Mob Arena and one round of No Gear, No Items, Zombie Survival Maze (NGNIZSM -note need to work on better acronym)

    Standard Mob Arena
    You will need all of your mob fighting experience to battle scores of aggressive mobs. With the added danger of traps and environmental dangers, it will be down to the well equipped and skilled players to remain as the last player standing. Once we have a winner they can decide to either battle a Wither Boss to hopefully obtain a nether star, or not. Either way the have won access to the winners room. In here are chests full of the items dropped on the battle floor be it a fallen players lovingly crafted god armour or a stack of dirt someone couldn't be bothered clearing from their inventory. Soulbound items stay with the player if they die but are collected if they are dropped. The next round will not start until the winner has finished collecting their winnings.

    WARNING only bring items/gear that you are willing to lose. Any player asking for items back will be excluded from future mob arenas.

    WARNING due to lots of mobs, lava, fire and whatnot all happening in a small area some players will experience lag and may even disconnect. This is client side or general internet issues and is beyond our control. If you are disconnected you will reconnect outside the arena and be unable to rejoin. Complaints about lag or disconnects are pointless and could result in you receiving punishment if your complaints become spammy.

    No Gear, No Items, Zombie Survival Maze(NGNIZSM) - yup definitely need a better acronym
    Forget DayZ, ignore COD zombies, Dead Island ha I've had worse holidays, the ultimate zombie challenge is undoubtedly NGNIZSM!
    You must attempt to be the last player standing when the zombies attack, but you have nothing to help you except your instinct to survive. Trapped in a convoluted glass maze you watch helplessly as swarms of zombies massacre your fellow players, will you be next. It is inevitable that the zombies will reach you, do you run or stay your ground? This event is well liked due to the fact that wealth has no bearing on if you win or not, a new player fresh from the tutorial has just as much chance as a player with 4 million rupees.
    All participants MUST have empty inventory. Anyone found with items will be ejected. Bringing potions to chug before event starts is not allowed, violation will result in exclusion from future events.
    The winner is the last player standing (or more usually the last player to be savagely eaten alive). The winner receives either a stable voucher or a vault voucher, their choice.

    I am giving up my spare time to hold the mob arenas as well as any other staff who wish to help. I plan on making this a regular event but there will be times I will not be able to. In these instances I will usually give plenty of notice and arrange another time, but real life has a habit of intervening at the most inconvenient times and there may be no notice given.
    If you are not happy with the way I run mob arena or my pacing of events you would be best avoiding them rather than vocalising your disagreement in chat. I welcome criticism but not during the event, PM me on the forum. This goes for suggestions too, got a good idea to make mob arena even better then PM me on the forum as I may miss your suggestion in chat.
    Please also keep requests for staff heads, signatures or other personalised items until the end of the events. I will make myself available for a few minutes afterwards to sign books (bring book and quill), I do not give out my head so please don't ask.

    *Daylight saving differences between UK and US will result in a few weeks of US times being an hour out (US changes before UK does).
  2. First mob arena will be 6th January 2014.
    Please note that currently the mods I usually use have not been updated to 1.7 so expect a somewhat mob heavy arena and I maybe a little bit slow on issuing commands.
  3. Cool. The maze thing sounds great:)
  4. oh, this is going to make a lot of people happy :)
  5. Fendy Happy :)
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  6. Yesssssssssssssssss!!!! The day i joined EMC is the day i think the mob arena was removed

    But, I wont be able to attend, to early :(
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  7. Hooray for death!
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  9. I knew it would come back! Been Preppareing Since IcC's Mob Arena :p one set of God armour Done...
  10. How fantastic, thanks for dedicating your time to this again Davie.
    I've been waiting for this.....
    2014-01-06_08.51.16.png 2014-01-06_08.51.21.png
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  12. I'm so coming! this is going to get messy!

    I feel another special episode of EMC coming on :) (if you want to commentate ask me ingame) :)
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  13. I've never actually been to a Mob Arena or a Zombie Maze thing so tonight might be a good night to try it out :p
    Not that I have any armour to bring or anything haha
    I might just be one of those people who run around with no armour and a stick as a weapon haha
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  14. YAY you just brightened up my day! So miserable on Mondays since my timetable has changed but....Now that this is back and it's at a good time for GMT players! Thanks so much Davie!!!!! :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D
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  15. :( school isnt done by the set time so i cant go to any of them D:
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  16. ...I just noticed the chickens in the picture?
    I'm so confused...
  17. What server will it be, smp5?
  18. YES let me get me god gear :DDDDDDD
  19. That was actually the things I liked most about it:p What's wrong with chickens?
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