[Mob Arena] Movie from today!

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Should I capture more events like this?

Poll closed Dec 19, 2012.
Yes 12 vote(s) 92.3%
No(Explain why please) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes but with flying so that we can get a better view! 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. Hello

    So, I filmed the events and edited a bit.

    Done and Edited by your god
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  2. it says unavailable?
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  3. I'm sure he'll fix it. Because if he does not, someone's getting a lava wall around their residence.
  4. i saw my self in first 1 lol
  5. Thats your threat for everything!
    *hopes I dont get a lava wall for talking to 72volt*
  6. Its on its way :)
  7. i have a cure for lava walls ;)
  8. Water bucket?
  9. Flying?... O.O
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  10. water bucket.... or 72volt you are grounded young man, no internet for a week until you learn that lava walls are not the answer!
  11. Wait... Lava walls aren't always th answer? Well, guess I should stop doing that to people's reses....
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  12. that was a fun match, well both matchs were fun
  13. Explain that hypothesis and back it up with reliable well sourced evidence structured into a sensible logical explanation, or I will be forced to disregard your claim regarding whether or not lava walls are the answer.
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  14. im a mother...... cause i said so..... and your grounded!!! :)
  15. and.... just because your trying control something or someone doesnt give you the right to produce lava walls. everyone has a right to thier own personality, opinions, rights, and beliefs. now, stop with all the lava drama. :)

    p.s. please know that i am just kidding with you, and am in no way what so ever being serious. :)
  16. I never new you had a accent! Awesome!
    Anyways, It looked fun. I couldn't go because I had school :mad:
  17. Righteo, I'll just sue you. ^.^
  18. oh my, i see now. there is just no way to get anywhere with you. i was only kidding with you. ill go on with my business now. btw.... did you see the part where i said i was only kidding with you? or do you not believe in joking with eachother? either way, have fun.
  19. ... did i just git Rick Roll'd?
  20. Lol yeah
    I just added some rando music so its not on purpose.
    btw, an alot better version will soon be up but since it takes about an hour to upload, im gonna have to do it later today :(