Misc Updates 8/14/14

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  1. Hey everyone, bunch of misc updates I needed to get out!

    • Fireworks are now rate limited from Dispensers to 1 Fire per Dispenser every 2 seconds. This should hopefully stop players lagging out other players using auto firework launching machines on fast clocks
    • Improved Dragon Stone Fragment rates for Enraged! Previously Difficulty 4-6 had a 1% drop rate, which was honestly way too low. New rates are as described here: https://gist.github.com/aikar/b01b1637903da35bd7f1

      Added a tier for every difficulty level, chances of getting them are much more improved now.

      We did this because the difficulty update honestly made them much rarer than they should of been.
    • Fixed loophole in Voting that let you sometimes still get a vote bonus increase even when you missed the 36 hour window.
    • Tightened up checks on Voting in order to protect us against MineServers.net Super Vote Weekend, which allows you to vote every hour.

      If you vote for the same service quicker than 11 hours between, you will be reduced to 50 rupee and no token reward per vote, and you can only earn the 50 rupees if its been more than 1 hour since last vote for THAT SERVICE.

      In easier to understand words: NOTHING HAS CHANGED Except for people who vote every single hour on MineServers.net this weekend.
    • Fishing in the PvP arena should now take a durability hit. (Wasn't able to test this first, please report if it still doesn't take durability. The voting changes forced me to rush this out)
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  2. I really like the firework one... people would accidentally leave them on all the time - and bam my fps would drop :p

    also... first :3
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  3. Yay no more fire work lag causers :D
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  4. lol.. no wonder I've only gotten ONE dragon fragment ever since they came out (I fight enraged mobs everyday)
  5. Didn't even know dragon fragment drops were broken like that, but thanks for the fix!
  6. lol, I should go pvp fishing when I get my voter's rod so that I can have a broken unbreakable item.. :3
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  7. it won't break that
  8. Woohoo about the fishing fix:D
  9. You might wanna fix smp5's spawn too, itemdamage is set to false ever since you spawned the "unkillable" Momentus there.
    EDIT: Fishing in the pvp arenas still doesn't take durability hits
  10. alright ill look into it more tomorrow.

    And I just pushed another fix to smp8 to fix this "Chest of Death" on 8pecx's residence that we surrounded with bedrock.

    Finally found the cause for that.
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  11. "Should of" should be "should have" ;)
  12. That sentence you just said 'should have' not been a sentence fragment. :p
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  13. I googled "sentence fragment" but got a "Service Unavailable" page. Could you please explain what a sentence fragment is?
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  14. Aw, shooting those fishermen was so much fun. :p
  15. Thank you!
  16. Fishing rods do not take damage in the PvP arena.
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  17. haha
  18. Will water return to pvp?
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  19. soon as the issue is fixed
  20. Fireworks never made me lag...
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