Misc Updates - 3/1/14

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  1. Many fixes bundled with the new Player Settings update

    • Voting has been tweaked a little to try to be more friendly with keeping and increasing vote streaks!

      Should be no more issues where bonus was missed due to server timezone alignment.
    • Hopefully fixed issues where new players finishing tutorial and no free residences bombs chat with spam.
    • Older players will no longer get the new player signs on new residences... (Forgot to remove that force flag while testing!)
    • Force Claims are now free for new players (within first 3 hours)
    • Shop Activity notifications are now Empire Wide! But rest assured Mall Owners! You can turn off notifications for servers where your primary mall is located, and only receive notifications for smaller ones, or turn off notifications all together.
    • Minibosses no longer will attack players until they attack them first!
      No more Momentus Draw In's unless you really want to fight him!
  2. With all these new custom updates, I'm going to have to make another drama induced thread next week to come up with 2342342 more problems we didn't know existed again. :p
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  3. Awesome! thanks Aikar.. particularly love the shop notification update. :) I have enough chat and notifications without someone selling me 4 wool for 6r 100 times. :)

    EDIT: I really just need to update my own shops to make selling bulk easier... :)

    That's a very precise number. I'll do my best to help achieve it. :p
  4. Yay, no more stepping off the spawn and getting massacred by errant minibosses, now we just need a way of drawing them away from player outposts or make it possible for the player outposts to have like a 125-250 meter radius miniboss protection buffer.
  5. shop activity notifications? i don understand
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  6. I feel honored that I was able to experience this when I changed reses today before it was removed ;^;

    I can't wait to find out which mods are supposedly a couple this time.

    No more of the "You have just sold Derpderp a stack of cobble for 64r" kinda messages.
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  7. Size 7 Rainbow Font
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  8. Torches.
  9. For those that were there to experience that...you win the internet with this comment.
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  10. For some reason I read that as Mailboxes no longer attack. I had visions of a new feature of receiving damage while in town to signal that you have got mail. Thinking more about it it could actually be a good idea, you would definitely notice it and would be harmless in town.
  11. Davie, it says your posted your comment at 5:48 am, I was thinking, maybe you read that wrong because you needed some sleep:cool:

    And I am thinking we could also use the mail system to mail-spam-attack players in the PVP arenas. This gets more fun all the time.:D
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  12. May I ask, how will this affect Mob Arena?
  13. That would've been nice when my group of friends joined and they wanted to be close, but I had to give them 5k to force claim :p
  14. What are the names of your friends? I'll check them out and if they forced claimed a res within a few hours of joining and received payment covering the cost from yourself, I will personally refund you or anyone else in the same situation.
    At a glance I noticed newly joined WindyChickadee forced claimed a res using funds you provided, so I have refunded those to yourself.
  15. Thats it, the other friend we told to just do /v open because no residence near me was open