Misc Updates - 2/10/14

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  1. Few minor changes:
    • Admin team re-labeled in game to match our new Forum Titles that describe our specific roles.
    • New Developer title added with new color! &9
    • Group now shows with its group color on /p
    • Players are now unable to bypass build perms for completing half slabs (was a small bug there in Bukkit)
    • Tags will be cleared on residence reset/unclaim (so /v won't take you to any newly unclaimed residences, but it will for any old bugged ones)
    • Lowered animal head drop rates
    • Lowered effect that Looting has on mob/animal heads
    • Made custom monsters ignore minecarts
    • Made momentus draw in even after he passes the max age for Enraged spawns
    • You can now move onto banned users Residence
    • Igniting blocks on Residences now properly requires ignite instead of firespread
    • Users /register'ing can no longer bring down the server...
    • Reduced ability for dynmap to cause so much lag on servers.
  2. awe
  3. Yay! Most important part IMO is the banned player res part thing
    EDIT. Only thing I'm not too pumped about is the umber of threads aikar has made in the last few hours...
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  4. Thank you so much.
    Yeah. I am not fond the umber either.
  5. I also am not fond the umber either
  6. Is this ALL mobs or just custom EMC ones? (So does this effect wither skeleton skull drop rate?)
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  7. Then you should correct that umber.
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  8. Just EMC custom.
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  9. Looks Good Keep The Updates Coming :D
  10. Bad idea. What if a person gets banned but has an alt? Permabans should be auto reset, as they will be reset anyways even if they get an appeal. Also, you should make all permissions like access and build reset so alts cannot do anything.
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  11. The banned flag takes away all other flags and functions from a res (as far as I know), except now it allows forceclaiming.
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  12. EVERYTHING else is disabled on a banned players residence.

    Move is the only detail allowed so you can /res info easier.

    Also, permabans do happen incorrectly on rare occasions, so it will never be automatic.

    Players have the chance to prove their innocence, or the mod might reconsider the ban length to not be worthy of perm.
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  13. Did the developer title color just change or is it just me :confused:
  14. The new color does not work with /list right now...
  15. I'm a different shade of blue!:D

    I only got to be the diamond blue for like a week. It's all happening so fast.
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  16. I know you just changed it, but it is rather harsh to the eyes (well, on my darker ASUS LCD monitor it is, but my Acer LED monitor is just fine) on the normal site skin...:p
  17. agreed it was a bit too dark, so I lightened it up a little (was trying to match it to the ingame &9)
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  18. so that means its harder to get dragon stone fragments, correct?
  19. No, just heads as I have understood it.