Misc Updates 12/30/14

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  1. It's that time again! A bunch of tiny changes here and there have been deployed (some of these in past updates that didn't get called out specifically)

    • Deployed for the new spawns, but improved today, Feature Signs (RTS, Message, etc) can now be triggered by walking 2 blocks above the sign, without the need for a pressure plate or button.

      This allows players to better design their residence by not requiring plates everywhere. We understood that the first update caused a lot of inconvence, so now the signs only activate if the following conditions are met:

      1) The Block being stepped on is either Air, Redstone Dust, or Water/Lava.
      2) The block below it is solid (So no jumping over signs triggering them)

      Signs have to be 2 blocks below to be triggered. The one case I've seen that still triggers is when you have a sign with a single block capping it off, players could stand on the block to trigger it. I can't think of a good way to block that, as "reverse searching" for potential ways to trigger the sign would be too laggy.

      We don't want to take away this ability from players to do these, so if you still have any remaining "issues" please try to work with it or provide suggestions on how to further improve the logic.
    • The Empire is growing! We nearly hit 400 online yesterday, but one thing was clear: TPS Lag! Entities in town are the ultimate culprit (100 doesn't seem like much, but its really more than we SHOULD allow to keep entity levels under control!)

      We were peaking 9000 entities loaded on the busy EMC servers yesterday. Other Minecraft Servers cringe at 1-2k entities and then kill all of your entities.

      In light of this, we have lowered the max players per server to 40 to help ensure lag free gameplay to our players. We are already on really good server hardware. It's not something we can fix by buying new servers. The only way to fix it beyond a server cap is to restrict entities even more on players...

      We would rather let you have a more enjoyable experience and keep the 100 cap, so we chose to lower the max # of players on to help keep it under control.

      We will still continue to temporarily up the max for special events as we always do. Special events cause less lag than normal gameplay because everyones in the same spot. But once everyones out "Playing", it causes more lag when more players are on.
    • The new spawn uses 4 new signs [ FRONTIER ], [ FRONTIERN ], [ WASTE ], [ WASTEN ], to teleport to the respective worlds.

      These signs have been made available to players in Town, so you may set them up on your own residence and have your own 'personal' spawn if you wish.
      /shop can be done with [ TELEPORT ]
    • For the remainder of the holiday event, Blizz Ard spawn rate has been increased a little. It is now 8% chance of spawn and can respawn once per 45 minutes per world. Collect those noses!
      * ( Noses will have a special effect added to them later. I simply have not had the time to write the code for it) *
  2. Nice.

    edit: Wait, I'm supposed to say "First", right?... That's what all the cool kids say nowadays.
  3. Super awesome! :D
  4. I knew it :) nope just joking :p
  5. Thanks for the update Aikar. Yay! I gotta get me a nose!!!
  6. CodesCodesCodes yayaaaa
  7. Aikar has recovered from the plague! Yay for the updates as well =)
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  8. Don't forget to change the numbers on the servers page of the site. Right now still showing 40/60.
  9. Thanks for fixing the button thing, I felt like a wizard walking around my museum activating buttons with my feet. Not sure if that was a bad or good thing.
  10. good catch, now to remember where thats at.
  11. D: All free lots are full >.> Can't connect because it auto connects you to the last server you were on D:
  12. Try a direct connect like smp1.emc.gs, i will work on a bungee update to improve this issue.
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  13. I got on just before you said this lol
  14. To prevent lag, start a litter service xD
    Nice update btw :D Keep up the work
  15. Very, very, refreshing and impressive to see that you guys (staff) put so much effort into all this. Not just that; it also works! (yah, as if there was any doubt :D).

    Thanks for the update, I'll be sure to start checking this stuff out as well. Did some experimenting in the past, but so much to do and so little time....
  16. smp8 is full...I don't like this
  17. Is the problem possibly that when the sign is only one block down, it's still being triggered by a player's head, since the head is two blocks above the sign?