Misc Improvements - 1/6/15

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  1. Chickeneer bombed me with pull-requests, and I had some other improvements to go out too, so got a few things out tonight! and a tiny new supporter perk!

    • Fixed bug with Diamond Supporters max res # who had used a Max Res voucher
    • Improved Soulbound/PvP Keeping items on death, Items will now stay equipped/exactly where they were before dieing. Should resolve issues with losing items due to full inventory.
    • You may now use n/w/s/e/c on a [frontier] sign to emulate a Frontier portal on your residence, incase you find yourself going to a specific outpost often and want to go to that one by simply clicking sign
    • No longer can summon horse with -horse
    • You can now type "@t" with no message to switch to Town chat and likewise for other channels like /c t
    • Players with Map Hide player setting on no longer shows what world they are in on /p (except to staff)
    • All supporters can now set a custom away message to be shown when a player receives the auto reply. /away <custom message here>
    • Players using Forge 1.8 should now be able to properly connect to server!
  2. Very nice :)
  3. Keeping the items in the same slots for PVP is very useful! Thanks!
  4. Will seamless stone slabs and all-smooth sandstone ever be implemented into the shop or something?
  5. hehe, spamming your spam box with those pull requests. Shouldn't happen again anytime soon, everything else is 'bigger' tickets that will take time.
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  6. All smooth sandstone is actually double sandstone slab block....

    If I remember correctly, you're able to get these in 1.8
  7. SO MUCH YES. No more blockglitching through walls guys, deal with it :D
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  8. I'm very happy with the addition of items staying in the correct places :) The voicemail (or textmail, really) sounds cool too.
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  9. Awesome! For some reason I tend to like smaller updates like these than larger ones :p
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  10. Thanks for the great updates Aikar and chicken. =)
    *Can finally PvP again*
  11. since when do you pvp? :p
  12. *sings EMC's 12 days of Christmas song*
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  13. For the supporter perk I have just two questions, is that all supporters? And does it behave like reses, after one stops being a supporter does it remain, or does it reset to default?
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  14. Yes, it's available to all the supporter ranks. And you can use color codes in it! Not sure about the second question though.
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  15. The number of times I died in pvp because I forgot to put my armor back on...
  16. Haha :p oh, I'm gonna have some fun with that supporter away message thing :D
  17. As long as you don't break EMC rules, go for it! :D
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  18. :D of course, rules above all :p the only time you do not have the right to YOLO is when your YOLOing breaks the rules
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