Minimap mod that will work at EMC?

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  1. I really need a minimap for the wastelands. I usually use Journeymap but that doesn't work in 1.8. I know VoxelMap is allowed but I can't get it working. Is there another one I could try?
  2. I use Voxel. What kinds of troubles are you getting with it? I could help you get it working :)
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  3. I also use Voxel. It can be a little troublesome to install because you need liteloader (make sure it's the 1.8 version,) in addition to the Voxel Map mod, (also 1.8, otherwise it will not work.)
  4. The Wasteland worlds on EMC has 9 outposts to enter and leave the world: 1 at the map's center point, or origin, and 8 others in any cardinal or intermediate direction (N, S, W, E, NW, NE, SW, and SE). The "Eight Compass Points", or "ECP", are 2,000 blocks away from the central outpost. At 4,000 blocks from the origin, there's a wall that serves as the world boarder to the Wastelands. The Wastelands has this limited size because it resets periodically, using a different seed every time.

    So, if you want to get back home from the Wastelands, aim for one of these sets of coordinates (x, y, z) where you'll find one of the 9 nine outposts. You can see your coordinates on the debug screen (toggled on and off by pressing F3 on your keyboard).

    C {Center}
    (0, 128, 0)
    (0, 128, -2000)
    (0, 128, 2000)
    (2000, 128, 0)
    (-2000, 128, 0)
    (2000, 128, -2000)
    (-2000, 128, -2000)
    (2000, 128, 2000)
    (-2000, 128, 2000)
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  5. Thanks, I will keep try this until I can get a working minimap. I could manage to get lost in my own subdivision though, so I do feel better with an onscreen map.
  6. Oh Entity radars are disabled on EMC, if that is your issue.
  7. Thanks! I use MultiMC (and Forge) and am trying to get it working in that. MultiMC will automatically install liteloader but not the beta version that I need for 1.8, probably because it isn't looking in the right place for it. It just says there isn't a version for 1.8. I can't see anywhere in the settings to tell it to look somewhere else. And I can't find instructions for installing that version manually. So I'm pretty sure I'm not installing liteloader correctly and that's the problem. I'm on Linux, but that shouldn't matter except for file locations.
  8. No, I'm not installing Voxel or liteloader correctly, I'm sure. I can't even get it to work single player. It doesn't load. (see above)
  9. Ah yes! I too use MultiMC and love it. I found a patch you can apply to one of the files within the directory of MultiMC that will force it to install the beta version of LiteLoader. When I get home in about 3 hours, I will get you that file and show you where to put it.
  10. That would be great, thx!
  11. Here's how to make sure Lite Loader is installed correctly:

    Go to your start menu and search for "%appdata%". Click on the Roaming folder that will pop-up. (If you're familiar with how to find your .mincraft folder, you can skip this step.)

    Click on the .minecraft folder.

    Click on the versions folder.

    If Lite Loader is installed correctly, A folder that looks like this with the mod inside will be located inside of the "versions" folder.


    Your Voxel Map / Voxel Mod folder should be located in the .minecraft / mods folder

    I hope that helps ^_^ Let me / us know if you need any more assistance.
  12. @DeathPunchKitty - They are using MultiMC (a custom launcher) and thus that does not work. I will post the MultiMC force patch in a little bit that works for MultiMC :)
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  13. As xHaro_Der says, that won't work for me but I do appreciate the attempt to help. :)
  14. Recently when I installed schematica it hugged out my voxel map and nothing worked trying to get it to work again... except... a clean install of minecraft and forge/liteloader
  15. Okay so what you're going to want to do is first open up your MultiMC, then on the right side click Open Instance Folder. Then what you're going to want to do is open the folder named "patches" (and if there isn't one, make one and name it "patches"). Then download the file below and place it into that folder. Run MultiMC again and run your instance, and it should force a beta install of LiteLoader and from there you can use any .litemod file you want by just throwing it into your mods folder as usual :)

    Also tell me when you've downloaded the file so I can take it off of my Dropbox :p
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  16. Got the file, thanks! I never got an email notification or I'd have been here sooner to get it. I got one for Gawadrolt's message, which I came and read, but none since. Going to install it now!
  17. Odd. Let me know if it works for you :)
  18. I had a bit of trouble but finally got it to work by removing Forge. Are you running Forge? If so, which version? I can do without Forge on this instance, but it would be nice to get Forge working with it for other instances.
  19. I have both forge and liteloader running. Hmm, try latest forge.
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