Minibosses Spawning in Ocean?

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  1. Recently I was doing some construction on a project in the middle of the ocean, when to my complete surprise, I got the message for a Momentus spawn. Naturally, I was confused and looked around for the big guy, but only a couple minutes in to my search, it told me "Momentus has fallen!" and said the effective difficulty was 0. No one was near me, so I can only assume he drowned. Anyone else had a similar experience or know what could have happened?

    I thought minibosses weren't supposed to spawn in the ocean. Or was that just Blizz Ard?

    Heres a picture:
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  2. Your theory is probably correct, otherwise i'd be surprised
  3. It might have either suffocated or spawned on top of your structure and fell off. It can't drown because it always swims in water. That's all I can think of.
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  4. It might have gotten stuck under your little bridge that you're standing on.

    EDIT: once when I fought a momentus it did not swim.
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  6. Hmm, I do recall I once had a Momentus that got quite low in the water but didn't sink all the way. If that happened it could have bobbed beneath your bridge and gotten stuck, then drowned.
  7. tbh the momentus's have been spawning INSIDE of the ground & its been hard to kill them without losing items
  8. Indeed, my momentus just stood on the bortom of the sea like a dummy, so that was weird
  9. Actually I'm pretty sure momentus can't swim.
  10. Isn't it just a big zombie? Zombies can swim. Unless giants have different AI than zombies, which wouldn't make any sense but might be the case.
  11. They do swim sometimes and sometimes don't, it's just weird
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  12. I've fought one that had sunk and it was drowning, i seen it sink and it was completely submerged under the water and started to drown so i would guess it probably did spawn on one of the blocks on the surface and had just fallen off and sunk in the water.
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  13. Yea I found one in the ground the other day we couldn't attack it and then it finally died from suffocation, Heres a picture
  14. Maybe it's a glitch or something?
  15. I can confirm this as well. LBoss and me did a bit of (accidental) ocean exploration some weeks ago (read: go into Nether, travel into $direction, then build a portal back to the main world. We ended up in a huge cave which (so we learned later) sat beneath the ocean). And guess what? Same issue happening.

    My friend Aya even more or less saw a Momentus jump into the ocean only to discover that he couldn't swim :D

    So yeah... Maybe the devs. can program a little AI into Momentus (not too much please!) so that it at least knows how to swim and survive in the water.
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