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  1. Hiya,
    Today I want to show off a series that I have ongoing in which I make giant minecraft pixel art. So far I have made 4 pixel arts which I post a screen cap of below. Here is a playlist link for anyone who is interest in seeing the videos. The videos have a lot more information in them. All blocks are placed by hand, I do use reference images though but normally edit them a lot to work for minecraft blocks.

    Going Merry (ship from One Piece) Going Merry.png

    Plants VS Zombies
    P vs Z.png
    ^Level Up Screen from SMRPG (with custom items)

    Yoshi's Island Title Screen
    Yoshi's Island Title Screen.png
  2. Holy pixels! Those are amazing! I could never have the patience to make anything as huge and detailed as some of those. I have a feeling that you'll enjoy some of our members, such as ItsMeMatheus, who are also into pixel art.

    Keep up the great work! :D
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  3. You're one of the few people I've seen who's really good at pixel art.
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  4. I tried pixel art once, and its surely not my thing, but those are really nice!
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  5. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone! I really enjoy making pixel art and I am glad other people like it as well!
  6. Sucks that you don't have a lot of views, here's a sub :D
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  7. Thanks so much for the support! I greatly appreciate it.
  8. Wow... That's amazing!
    Absolutely wonderful!
    I obviously subscribed, and I surely hope to see more of this in the future!
    I really love the Yoshi's Island Title Screen <3
    Is there any chance we'll get a world download sometime?

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  9. Ultimamaxx basically said it all. Kinda funny, that was my first reaction too, one moment later I see his :)

    Definitely some pretty serious stuff up there, I like it. Very good looking!
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  10. The detail you put into this is soo good! and they look so much like the real pictures! I have already struggles with making a square that big o.0... How long does one of these take you to make?
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  11. About 24 hours, for the bottom two ones.
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  12. This is great! I would never really have the time or the powers of creation for this stuff :)
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  13. I'm into map art pixel art, which is slightly different (shading/coloring/sizing is not the same), but I do enjoy making pixel art too.

    Great job, Sunnyside193, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but they all look amazing.
  14. At first I thought that those were pictures that you were going to do... They look very well done!
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  15. It is hard to give an actually time because normally I do it in anywhere between 2-10 sessions ranging from 2 hours to 8-10 hours. But yeah, like said above all in all it is at least 24 hours (give or take of course).

    I shall definitely keep you posted and I will see about getting a world download out soon~ish. Each one is one a different map (because it all started with one crazy idea to make the Yoshi's Island Title scree and I never thought I would keep up with the big ones XD)

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback!!!
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