Minecraft Multiplayer Down?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by AlexHallon, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Whenever I try to go on a server, I get this message.
    If I am giving out something that would let others access my account, please tell me.
    If anyone knows what this is, tell me that too. :(
  2. I'm getting the same error message and can't log in
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  3. I am getting the same message. I think it is just Minecraft Multiplayer.
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  4. The picture looks very similar to mine.
  5. I'm logging on to MCPVP and it's not working :/
  6. Minecraft Multiplayer Sessions are down.


  7. This is a sad day for The Minecrafters...
  8. :/

    Was pvping and then it just logged off xD
  9. and mine...
  10. This is a mojang error. Empire can not fix it, so we just have to wait until mojang fixes the problem
  11. At least Mojang made Singleplayer!
  12. What's that?
    I've heard of this "Singleplayer", but have no idea what it is...
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  13. i'm having the same problem :/ And nope, you are not giving out any account info with that screenshot xD
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  14. Right above Multiplayer ;)

    You play on your own like a man.
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  15. Session servers have been down for the past 82 minutes. It's on Mojang's side.
    And hey, atleast it's not like the day when the session, website, login and skins were down for about 4 hours, and then the skin servers were down for another 3, and then the session and login were down for maintenance for another 1 hour. And then everything was back up by 6:00AM GMT.
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  16. all servers are empty
  17. Not all. Smp1 has some players so does all of them :)
  18. Yeah that's just the Mojang session servers being down, which is something that the EMC staff has no control over. I use this website to check the status: http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/. Oh and about the screenshot, I've heard on a few other threads on these forums that the screenshot actually does have something relating to your account in it. If you want to be more safe than sorry, you could just ask a staff member to have the original post edited to have the pic taken out and just say, "Whenever I try to go on a server, I get a 503 error message followed by a bunch of random text." or something like that in its place.