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  1. This is just a thread I'm making to discuss any mods you have downloaded. I think there has been one of these before. Basically, just say anything about them or questions of a mod you have. This is my most recent mod experience: SILVERMAN2 and I have been making mod videos and we got into a fight of what a better horse name was on Mo' Creatures. The names were Zarembo or Bongarriat. You can decide.
  2. I use (at the moment) 11 different mods they're all good and I'd suggest everyone uses them :D
    So uh I guess that's the respoinse you want here in this thread... So here is a list (install order) :
    1. MinecraftForge
    2. Optifine
    3. ReiMinimap
    4. InvTweaks
    5. AdvancedHUD
    6. HDSkins
    7. ThebomzenAPI
    8. AutoSwitch
    9. SignLagFix
    10. CodeChickenCore
    11. NotEnoughItems
  3. I use:
    Mo' Creatures
    Balokn's Weapons
    Mine little pony (Felt stupid that day)
    MC Capes
    MC Forge
    Too Many Items
    Rei's Minimap
    Spawner GUI
    Clay Soldiers
    Custom Paintings (Whatever that is called)
    Bio Spheres
    More Wolves
    Elemental Arrows
    CaveGen Mod
    Those are some. Not listing them all.
  4. I use:

    1. MC Patcher
    2. Too Many Items
    That's it! :p
  5. Magic Launcher
    Convenient Inventory

    It no longer takes me hours to sort my chests :D
  6. I have:
    1. Optifine
    2. Magic Launcher
    3. My version of macro mod
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  7. You owe me that macro mod still!

    1. optifine
    2. rei's minimap
    3. TMI
  8. Wow. I have so many more mods than everybody else. I could have 30 if I wanted. I have them in my files, I just didn't download any of them. And you can do more about talking about what mods you have. Silverman2 and I got into an argument of what was a better name for a horse on Mo' Creatures: Bongarriat or Zarembo.
  9. tale of kingdoms id the best mod and does anyone know a good swords mod for forge?
  10. Get Magic Launcher and every mod can use Forge. I've tried downloading TOK, but it didn't work. I can't help you with the good swords mod. But I would suggest Balkon's.
  11. Rei's minimap, and world downloader. Too lazy to get optifine...
  12. Silver and I had a little fun with Balkons' and made a knife bomb. It shot about 500 knives into the air in all different directions and we went into survival mode before we set it off to see who would get killed.
  13. Optifine, Reis Minimap, and occasionally (When I'm EXTREMELY bored) Mine little pony :3
  14. You don't have to be embarrassed that you have Mine Little Pony. I have it too and I don't undownload it if I'm not bored.
  15. I used to have it, then got bored because I like my skin better.
  16. Also, you can talk about what you do on the mods, and not just post once saying what mods you have.
  17. everyone should have optifine until 1.5, it does wonders on fixing the games rendering engine (makes chunks load faster, no more seeing through the world) doesnt matter how fast your PC is, youll get a bonus from it.

    however 1.5 is suppose to fix the rendering engine so well see...

    I use

    Reis minimap
    Control Pack (The best mod ever created...)
  18. I won't install optifine unless a new update comes out or I get tired of having no LAN access and update to 1.4.5. I didn't learn about it until after I installed rei's and world downloader, so I'd have to force update, install optifine, and then my other ones.

    BTW, anyone know of some non-modloader mods? My minecraft crashes whenever I try to install it...

    Shouldn't the best mod ever be "ruintheeconomy"? ;)
  19. Don't be silly... that's a server side plugin...
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