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  1. Well this story should start in 7th grade.(Cue Flashback) I was in 7th grade Tech Ed. and i was extremely bored so being the dork i am i start spinning around in my chair(This will eventually lead to minecraft) and i see my friend playing a game. So I go and look what he is doing and he is playing a game called Minecraft. He eventually gives us all the game on our flashdrives and the whole school starts playing it. Fast Forward(Stolen from Yankee's thread) I am having lots of fun on single player and decide that I want to purchase the game. I eventually convince my mother to buy it for me and just jump from server to server trying to find a good one. I am at my friends Conformation party and we are looking for servers to play on and we stumble apon a server called "Empire MineCraft" and we iput the IP and we get the "Get access by imputing this code" and we join and we instaniously are wowed by the coolness of the server. And for a month or so I dont make friends and just talk to Yoyomanthaboss(Best Friend IRL). Fast Forward! I become a Iron supporter and make a few supporter buddies.

    People I have met along the way:

    Tinkerbell28(Gold Queen/Emerald Queen):
    We met when i befriended ob1bob69(See below) and have become good friends. Thanks for taking me to Ubersauce.

    VITIRI(Failure at Circles):
    One of my best friends now in-game, you love to get angry when i mis-pronounce your name,Lolz

    Ob1bob69(Diamond King/Wither Master):
    We have had fun talking in supporter chat and in mumble and have gotten to become more of a friend than a person. Also for letting me become part of Ubersauce.

    1998Golfer:King of getting banned
    We played togther and had some fun, and after that, ya.

    Chickeneer(Chicken Lord):
    Having fun talking to you in mumble, 10:25!

    If you think I should add you, leave a comment. :) I wonder if anyone sees this if so say hi
  2. I suck at circles...
  3. I Lol'ed
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  4. VITIRI-member of EMC;player on EMC;

    That's what I found
  5. So glad you found empire!
  6. gold queen? i thought i was emerald queen, lol. we heart you! but if we are failures at circles and kings and queens, what are you? im curious as to what you say.
  7. Glad this got Bumped; Would have been a shame for me to miss something like this :p

    You guys are a blast to be around :D
  8. I'm the lizard king!
  9. awe... chicken..... you make me lol. BaZingA! :) lizard king? hmmmm bob and i will talk about this and see what we come up with.
  10. Welcome to the empire :)