Ob1's Wither killing service

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How's the current price?

To High 5 vote(s) 9.8%
I'm good with that 42 vote(s) 82.4%
To Low 5 vote(s) 9.8%
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  1. I am starting a wither killing service.

    How it works:
    Once the update goes live, bring me three wither skulls and 300r* and I will return your Nether Star in a matter of minutes. You don't need to worry about all that mess of getting armor and potions. Let me handle all the messy stuff for you. I live on smp4 res 8466, and play most evenings, but can be PMed thoughout the day to kill your Wither for you at almost anytime.

    *Prices will flucuate based on demand.
  2. What happens if there is no nether star when you kill it?
  3. How much if you provide the wither skulls?
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  4. I will have to do some more testing. I seem to remember getting one everytime after killing it 20 times on sp, and I don't see on the Wiki were it says a drop percent chance. I will kill him a hundred times tonight and get a rough drop percentage.

    However, if it turns out it doesn't drop everytime and once I determine how fast my team can collect skulls, I will make a price point with a guarantee you will get a star.

    Also, if I provide the skulls, I will be basically selling the stars. This price will again be based on my collection speed as well as the current market. I can not give you a price at this time.
  5. Good idea, it's like a mercenary service hehe.
  6. Hmm sound interseting I Pm you when update comes :)
  7. I think that's pretty reasonable. TBH i'd pay for it at that price - I'll need a number of beacons.

    I'm agreed that you should have options (if possible) for the price either providing the skulls or not. Would be interesting to see.

    You'd have to set up a chest system where someone could sell you 3 wither skulls (could be cheap - 1r) and then you sell them back the nether star (once again for cheap - 1r). That's really the only way to keep the transaction accountable. I'd expect accountability on your part for me (as a buyer) giving you the wither skulls, and you want to reduce accountability on your part by having a transaction showing that you provided the nether star in return. Keeps you safe.
  8. Ima tidy this thread now. If you have suggestions for ob1, please start a private convo, and do not derail his thread with rude posts.
  9. Fantastic advise Sir. I would agree where the accountabilty comes into play. But from years of playing online with people running off with my stuff, I was already going to have a star in hand to trade the skulls for so you didn't have to wait. That was of course thinking it was a 100% drop though.

    I will say that I have it a little easier, because if I were to take advantage of someone as a business owner, we have this wonderful post as a sounding board for people to be made aware of. I feel like I would have the larger liability of trusting people one on one that they will pay me for the service and not just pull a switch a roo on me. But honestly, even if they did that without paying me the killing fee, what's one minute of time to kill another?
  10. Since the game doesnt discriminate between players, i think his statement of giving the player THEIR star is fine. Its just as likely that the payin player wont get one as ob1 will. But, i think this should considered gambling, as there is a formula in the code which determines a statistical chance of the star being dropped. Its just like gambling, you are just betting skulls, soul sand, and player life with the chance to win a star. That probably sounds odd since this is a killing service, but it makes sense if you look at it from a statistics standpoint.
  11. Exactly the point of the service. I take on the liability of dying, loosing armor and weapons. I provide whatever I need to kill it, be it potions or a rose in hand. The customer doesn't have to worry about taking it to a remote location to kill it so thier wild bases do not get destroyed in the process. The wild does not get greifed. Your farm anilmals don't get slaughtered. You can use your wild base because your buddy didn't spawn one there and die so when you come back, Suprise!. Wait, that's still gonna happen lol.
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  12. I believe the nether star is a 100% drop, minecraft wiki lists Wither drop as nether star (1) unlike random chance drops i.e. spider drops string (0-2). The problem I see is if the nether star lands in a fire or other place that destroys items.

    The easy Wither doesn't give wither effect but can be quite destructive.
  13. In an Etho video, he killed the Wither alone, made sure it died in an open and flatish area, and it didnt drop a star.
  14. 1.4 Heaven rays FTW
  15. I currently have two beacons on 8466 smp4 for 50k each. And still offering my services to kill your wither for only 300r.
  16. It dropped a star, the explosion of the wither blew it up as it dropped. It's a 100% chance that the wither will drop a star.
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  17. I like this idea I'm going to try it out :D
  18. What would you sell a skull for? I'd like to fight at least one wither myself.
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  19. I'm too much of a chicken to fight a wither, but I need a nether star myself.