Minecraft Dating?

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  1. I wonder how the owner and mods feel about people using the server as a dating service.
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  2. I know some mods and other players, that have found relationships through EMC. So I don't think they care at all if you find people you like on here, but its not eHarmony.
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  3. Its a way to meet new people who share the same interests (MC) i guess but i wouldn't go as far a dating service.
  4. Its jist werid seeing 10 year olds looking for dates.
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  5. ah i feel you cop very odd
  6. I only have a problem with it when it is a kid going "wo wanz 2 be mi gf?" or "is thir ani hot gurl her wo wan 2 dat mi?" It gets extremely annoying.
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  7. Well I am neither of those but I personally feel like it is pointless. Dating in a game like MineCraft holds no value outside of the game. I do not feel like it is something people should be doing but it isn't hurting anyone. I say go for it but realize it means nothing.
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  8. Never noticed that.

    Oh and...
    wnt 2 dait m3 bb?
  9. All online communities are used to communicate with other people. Most players do not set forth to solely use the site as a source of their dating partners, yet every now and then it does occur. Players form friendships that have the potential to blossom into more. However, it is not the server's purpose to pass judgement on players for doing so.

    Fyi: Aikar and Maxarias met on Empire Minecraft....
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  10. Hit me up on eHarmony, zoosk, match, OurTime, ChristianMingle, BlackPeopleMeet, or ForeignGirlfriend and I MIGHT consider it.
  11. A: 21
    S: F
    L: USA


    These claims may or may not be true
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  12. Mind blown.:eek:
  13. I brought mine to EMC, not the other way around.
  14. Beat me to it! xD
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  15. Well ten year old's don't really meet each other in the end, I don't think there parent/guardian will let them go meet a stranger and some young children are not 100% sure what love really is at that time
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  16. This had started for me earlier on SMP5. The person wanted to have a date with me because they thought I was female.
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  17. Wut? *Changes into a girl skin*
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  18. Well, when 10 year olds are doing it, I wouldn't call it "dating". With mature people though, I don't think EMC is such a bad place to date.
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  19. My thoughts exactly, however I don't think everyone should generalise 10 year olds as immature. I have encountered a fair few that have earned my respect for maturity that even some adults have not.
    EMC is a great place to meet people if you think about it, It's a great community with a lot of similar interests such as video games for starters.
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  20. So your not on farmersonly?? Shame ..:cool::p
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