Minecraft Crashing Nonstop

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  1. When ever I join, I play for a little bit, then my minecraft crashes. So now I have to rejoin 5 times to get back in and it happens to me again.... I'll quit if this keeps happening......
  2. Does not do this to me on other servers...
  3. Reinstalled minecraft exactly 27 times, messed with the options to try and fix it. It just keeps crashing >:/
  4. I give up >:/ FIX IT ALREADY!
  5. What does it say when you crash? Could you get a screen shot maybe?
  6. I spent more time trying to get on then playing
  7. If I do, you will see some private info >:/
  8. It shows all the messages when I join, Issues with java
  9. Instead of spamming posts, please just edit your last one

    EDIT: Could you copy and past the crash log then?
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  10. You can press edit on your post to prevent triple posting just so you know.

    Also take a screenshot of your error report and edit the image or copy and paste the error here and remove what you don't want in.
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  11. For some reason in 1.9 something happens causing the game to crash.

    Two things you can do (I had this issue and did these):
    • Allocate more memory to Minecraft (if you don't know how, its easier for you to Youtube than me explain)
    • Turn VBOs on in the options
    If these dont work I am not sure.
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  12. Simply saying "it crashed" isn't nearly enough information to help you. There are tons of reasons it could be crashing and without logs, no one can help you except with blind guessing. If you want help you need to post the logs and/or a screenshot of the crash screen.
    None of your private info will be shown on the logs. The entire point of them is to give people a chance to see what is happening. Along with the logs, could you post what your cpu/gpu are? As you can see in this thread, there are problems with Intel graphics cards. Here are some instructions to find out those things.
  13. Sorry, I fixed it.
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