[Help Needed] Crashing Problem!

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  1. I need help finding away to fix this crashing problem. Ever since EMC has updated to 1.9 I have been crashing every 5-10min. so I have not been able to play in peace XD MineCraft has never crashed on me before the update a couple days ago. Idk why I am having a problem with this, does anyone know whats going on? Plz help me XD Oh and this is not just on EMC it is doing this on singleplayer and other servers
  2. Crash report or logs?
  3. ?? idk what you mean
  4. You said your game was crashing. When Minecraft crashes it produces a crash report. I want to see that report.
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  5. Here you go:

    I think this is what you wanted.
    This literally happened a second ago after I was on EMC for 2 minutes.
  6. Do you happen to have Intel Graphics on your computer?
  7. Whats Intel Graphics? XD yesh I am a noob
  8. Your computer's GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) , is it manufactured by Intel?

    EDIT: I apologize if I'm getting too technical, I can't help it.
  9. No idea XD sorry
  10. What computer do you have?
  11. Is it a laptop or a desktop?
  12. I really can't help you further unless I know the manufacture of your GPU. You can find what type of GPU you have by doing the following.

    1. Press the window key + r at the same time

    2. in the prompt that opens type dxdiag

    3. Once the directX diagnostic tool open go the the "Display" tab and it should say what graphics you have.

    This is what I mean. http://imgur.com/PfvjVG4
    And yes ignore my crappy graphics...
  13. I am using a Toshiba Windows 10 laptop
  14. Here is what it says:
  15. .... it has a full name, can you pleasd give us that? EDIT: nvm seems like your new post is enough
  16. XD thats what is says on my thing idk what your looking for XD im such a noob...
  17. Exactly as I thought. There isn't much you can do as it is an issue with your GPU. What you can do is make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. You could also try turning on Use VBO/VSync in your minecraft video settings.
  18. Oh :( well than MineCraft will barely work for me and thats sad cause it crashed to much.
  19. Unfortunately it is an issue with most Intel GPUs and Minecraft. I've had this issue before. The thing that worked for me is reinstalling my graphics drivers.